Daves guitars



Hello dudes..Just got a loan granted,so i need to know what guitar i should by.
Im playing Hard rock,not so far from Maidens style.
My Amplifier is a Marshall AVT275 stero combo...So can anyone tell me please???

Best regards.. Bloodbrothers
As said above, Dave (and Jan) seem to only use Fender Strats. Smith, on the other hand, also uses Les Pauls in addition to Strats. For hard rock/metal, you cannot beat a Les Paul or an Explorer. They pack a much bigger wallop than a Strat. I own both, but use the Gibsons much more. If you do get a Strat, make sure you have a humbucker (either a real Seymour Duncan or an EMG) or a Seymour Duncan "Hot Rails" pickups if the guitar only has room for a single coil. Pickups make a BIG difference. Don't go cheap on those.
I think it's a matter of personal taste. Strats and Les Pauls have different neck shapes and thus a different feel. For example, I prefer the Les Paul ... but the lead guitarist in my band prefers the Strat.