Dave Murray


Dave has played with a bandaged foot in 1992 :eek:

According to the Real Live Tour Programme he tore knee ligaments while trying to get out of the way of Eddie's flailing arms at a gig in Venezuela and had to wear the knee brace for the rest of the tour.


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He co-wrote great songs and alot of my personal favorites: Brave New World, Deja-Vu, Fates Warning, Judas Be My Guide, The Man Of Sorrows, The Man Who Would Be King, The Prophecy, Public Enema Nr. 1, Reincarnation Of BB and Still Life. Those songs are all in my Top 30. Thank you Davey for your beautiful arrangements. :edmetal:
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Scrolling through Instagram today and my first reaction to seeing a picture of Dave was that he died. Morbid, but maybe a sign of the times that our rocker heroes are in.

Happy birthday Dave, here’s to many more!


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Also, born on December 23rd:
Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam (vocals, guitar)
Harry Shearer of Spinal Tap (bass)
Chad Szelinga of Black Star Riders/Breaking Benjamin

Imagine these 4 playing live.
What a glourious mess that would've been...