Curious fact about Maiden's songs titles


Out of the Silent Planet
Iron Maiden and Dance Of Death are the only albums which do not have a song that its title starts with ''The'' !

They like to do that, don't they.

"The Aftermath"
"The Alchemist"
"The Angel And The Gambler"
"The Apparition"
"The Assassin"
"The Book Of Souls"
"The Clairvoyant"
"The Clansman"
"The Duellists"
"The Edge Of Darkness"
"The Educated Fool"
"The Evil That Men Do"
"The Fallen Angel"
"The Fugitive"
"The Great Unknown"
"The Ides Of March"
"The Legacy"
"The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner"
"The Longest Day"
"The Man Of Sorrows"
"The Man Who Would Be King"
"The Mercenary"
"The Nomad"
"The Number Of The Beast"
"The Pilgrim"
"The Prisoner"
"The Prophecy"
"The Red And The Black"
"The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg"
"The Talisman"
"The Thin Line Between Love And Hate"
"The Trooper"
"The Unbeliever"
"The Wicker Man"

BNW: 5
VXI: 3
TFF: 3
TXF: 3
Powerslave: 1
SIT: 1
POM: 1
Killers: 1
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Blaze Bayley is the only IM member besides Steve who wrote at least one song in his debut record. I’m not counting Dave because IM’s debut is actually Soundhouse Tapes.

The song The Number of the Beast is in D, but it switches between major and minor tonality. It’s unusual for Maiden.

Adrian is the only IM member who wrote at least an IM song with both Clive and Nicko (Murray/McBrain’s Rhythm of the Beast is not included in any of their official records). Also Clive, despite leaving IM in 1982, still has more songwriting credits than Nicko among their official tracks. Janick wrote none.

Out of the four only studio albums not named after one of their tracks (Piece of Mind, The X Factor, Virtual XI, A Matter of Life and Death), Piece of Mind is the only one whose title is punned in one of the songs

Will give me peace of mind

(“Piece” and “peace” are almost omophonic.)

Losfer Words, if the title’s interpretation as cockney pronunciation for “Lost for Words” is correct, is their only songs named after transcribing a phonetic pronunciation. Ironically, it’s an instrumental track. Also, it is well known that they had to end the writing process for the Powerslave album quickly, so it could be the only IM song inspired by (or at least named after) what happened during the writing/recording sessions of one of their albums.
If the subtitle Big ‘Orra means “Big Horror”, then all IM instrumentals loosely share the same theme: the fear.

Caught Somewhere in Time originally had to be named Somewhere in Time, so it would have actually been the title track.

Hooks in You is the only IM song featured in an album which does not features all of its songwriters.

Virus is their only song written by four band members (not considering the b-sides).

Janick is the only IM member aside from Steve who wrote more than a title track: Dance of Death and The Book of Souls. It would have been three if they named A Matter of Life and Death after The Pilgrim or The Legacy.
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