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The Dissident

Ancient Mariner
Alter Bridge, Pawns and Kings Tour
  1. Silver Tongue
  2. Dead Among The Living
  3. I Know It Hurts
  4. Poison In Your Veins
  5. Holiday
  6. Stay
  7. Broken Wings
  8. Godspeed
  9. Ghosts Of Days Gone By
  10. Isolation
  11. Fabel Of The Silent Son
  12. Lover [Acoustic]
  13. Watch Over You [Myles Solo]
  14. Rise Today [Acoustic First Half]
  15. Forever Falling/Water Rising
  16. Blackbird
  17. Metallingus
  18. Open Your Eyes
  1. Pawns & Kings
  2. Shed My Skin
  3. Addicted To Pain
Audibles (Replacement of): In Loving Memory (Lover), Words Darker (Shed My Skin) Fortress (Broken Wings), Cry Of Achilles (Poison + I Know It Hurts)


clap hands
A Sad and Spooky Evening of Demon Conjuring w/ Opeth

Set One
The Moor
Demon of the Fall
Serenity Painted Death
Master's Apprentices
Ghost of Perdition
The Grand Conjuration/Baying of the Hounds


Set Two
The Leper Affinity
Silhouette/A Fair Judgement
Heir Apparent
Moonlapse Vertigo/The Night and The Silent Water

Blackwater Park

*Mikael Akerfeldt's microphone will only be turned on for singing until the encore

My main goals when making this were: spooky, doomy evilness and excellent transitions. Seriously, just put that second set into a playlist. Without talking and a little bit of drummer finesse you could run that whole set without a break in the music. The piano solo segment after Leper Affinity and into Fair Judgment would be so epically moody. And you could legitimately just starting playing TNATSW as the ending riff of Moonlapse and it would segue perfectly.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Listening to a new live album from STP that was uploaded to YouTube called Midnight Ramble. Bootleg sound quality but great performance recorded back in 1994 on the Purple tour. I figured it would be fun to compose my own setlist, taking songs from just their first two records and seeing what I could do with the setlist.

1. Vasoline (keeping this as the opening track from the OG setlist because of slow rise of the guitar allows for a nice entry onto the stage)
2. Meat Plow (the album's first track becomes the second here to keep the momentum flowing)
3. Dead & Bloated (the debut's opening track acts as a sort of second concert opener to really get the audience jumping)
4. Sex Type Thing (used as the concert closer on the tour, but I think it works better here because it's an excellent, hype-filled segue from the previous song)
5. Silvergun Superman (originally the second song in the show, here it brings us back to the album that's currently being toured)
6. Lounge Fly
7. Piece of Pie
(not in the original setlist but it's a good fucking song)
8. Still Remains
9. Gypsy Davy
(a song used as an intro to "Pretty Penny" on the tour, and I'm keeping it because I like the way they flow together - nice little acoustic break)
10. Pretty Penny
11. Creep
(keeps the acoustic set flowing, although I'd rather hear full song than the stripped-back version they actually played)
12. Dancing Days (their iconic cover, a better choice than David Bowie's "Andy Warhol")
13. Big Empty (brings the electric guitar firmly back into the mix)
14. Interstate Love Song (iconic single finally gets its turn in the spotlight)
15. Wicked Garden (an STP classic to close off the main set)

- Encore -
16a. No Memory (Intro)
16b. Sin
(a nice segue between the short instrumental from Core and the longer, more epic "Sin" to kick off the encore)

17. Crackerman
18. Unglued
19. Kitchenware & Candybars
(a quiet moment after the faster two songs prior, allowing the band to start drawing the show to a close)

20. Plush (and what better way to end the show than with the band's most iconic song?)


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An Evening w/ Kamelot

Set One
Center of the Universe
The Great Pandemonium
The Spell
Soul Society
A Sailorman's Hymn
Fallen Star
The Black Halo
Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)
Ghost Opera


Set Two
III Ways to Epica
The Fourth Legacy
Citizen Zero
Veil of Elysium
Eden Echo
Lost & Damned
Lunar Sanctum
Wings of Despair

Encore (ft. whatever flavor-of-the-year screamer/singer girl they've hired)
Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)
The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)
March of Mephisto

Second Encore