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A couple of years back, I used to frequent a series of metal parties with an established clique. One of us used to get very drunk very fast, and when he was very drunk, he would also get very gay. He danced around men, kissing them and whatnot. He wasn't actually gay, just very drunk. Anyway, one night he took a mate of mine, and licked his face, especially his eye. It sounds outrageous now, but back then, we accepted it as fully normal. So the guy whose eye got licked developed a rash there the next day that stayed for a few weeks.

So in response to Ariana's link, it just feels completely different to you if you know someone who suffered from it.


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You do it Gob-style (of Arrested Development). Take the "forget me now" pill (a roofie).


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I can't imagine a situation in which I'd let anyone lick my eye. Ew ew ew eeeeeew!
Honestly, this is one of the sickest things I've ever heard. I can imagine there are sicker things out there but I'd be glad to remain blissfully ignorant about them.


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In this video police arrest a man for filming them, then kill his dog.


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Do you have to link to The Blaze though? I am always very sad when I hear of stuff like this. Tried like adults is rough too. I understand why it's important...but it makes me sad.


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yeah, that story is all over in every new source .. but the blaze did do the best job in summarizing what happened.

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3 people were accidentally shot dead point blank with an AK47 during a Gangnam Style dance at a wedding celebration in Yemen.