Crappy album covers

Yngwie Malmsteen's Trilogy album cover is cool I don't understand why it is into that list.
I agree. The original album cover for Marching Out was far, far worse:

I was hoping that was eleven Saintly shrouded men in the background, but I count at least double that.
With all due respect, I strongly disagree!
This cover ´kin rules! The colour of the sky in contrast with the yellow eyes: brilliant! The moon lurking behind the temple! Some creepy evil cult cover man!
I can’t tell if the head is supposed to be an ape, a surprised guy in a mask with a zipper around the bottom, a dude with a reallly weird mustache, or a dude with a very deformed mouth.

I agree that the colors are striking, but the head isn’t creepy, it just looks like a bizarre mistake.