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This is the thread where you can post as many off topic Maiden rants as your moods lets you. Have Maiden not offered their views on a political occurance? Why haven't Maiden forced Fender to release a Gers signature guitar? Why, oh why, didn't they include Total Eclipse on NoTB? Or are you annoyed with their lacking online pandemic presence? Tell us how you feel.
We have waited and waited. They don't deserve us as fans. Bruce should at least say something about how long his vocal recordings took on the to-be-announced album and if Dave smiled enough during the recording of the solos.
They could have told us about the new album. At least a hint. But no. Instead they're wasting time making obituaries for people who are dead. They should be spending more time writing music for people who are living.
Already mentioned, but I was so disappointed with not hearing Infinite Dreams live on their history-tour of that era (Maiden England World Tour 2012-2014) the show and setlist was terrific, but the absolute gem that was missing was Infinite Dreams. I can only guess why it was dropped at the last minute, because it was anyways rehearsed and it must have worked with 3 guitars and Bruce could have handled the vocals. Too bad..
Not everyone likes that song, but it's always been in my absolute favorites and so..I will only dream and wonder how it must have been live.
I was fan of the band and listening to them in 1988 already but then I wasn't able to go and see their I guess I will never hear this song live. I think they still should seriously think of adding ID to their setlists in the future (whenever they will do proper tours, who knows?) because nowadays Bruce's voice is in better shape and condition as it was more rough on some 2012-2014 dates, as we can see/hear from LOTB-dates, his voice did get rougher aswell on the later parts and leg of the tour. Also, I have to remind you that originally ID might have suffered a bit (along with HBTN) on their 1988 tour (Seventh Tour Of A Seventh Tour) supporting then new album SSOASS, as Bruce had cold and was sick during some shows resulting in a bit rougher performances (same thing happened couple times during SOT).

And yep, thinking of singers that are over 60 years old. They have some great nights, couple off nights (due to being sick a bit or something) it just is like that, what we've talked here on the forums about the voice and change of it. Bruce's voice was awesome on the 2nd and 3rd show of LOTB first leg in Helsinki 2018 but then when you listen to some 2021 recordings (for example the proshot show from Rock In Rio) there's a slight change and I think, that today Bruce should have proper rest for his voice, the long tour are taking it's toll on his voice. But other than that, I think he still sounds great and Im so waiting to hear first studio-recordings after the operation.
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1.ATG never played live!
2.No video recording of the Somewhere On Tour.

1. Maybe it will happen someday..maybe they really bring some special to the setlists. Who knows. There's always slight possibility.
2. This is it, too bad there's only those good bootleg-recordings and videos, only some proshot stuff (like Philly 87)but not full live-show. They should have filmed some shows and kept them ready in the vaults for future use.
I'm very upset they didn't hire Will Malone to co-produce Killers, Powerslave and Brave New World. And they shgould invite Dennis Stratton as a 7-piece band.