Comparing SIT to SSOASS

The Loneliness of the Long Distance runner was likely played just the once because it didn't fit in the set list where they had it, hence why Sea of Madness was bumped.

ROTAM choice fucked everything up. It is a central show moment that doesn't belong to the album. Although SoT stage and effects fit better than on WST (space theme is more related to sailing than ancient Egypt), it severely limited what can be played before it or after it. So it is not only a 13 min hog, it dictates the central 30 minutes of the show.
Get good headphones and listen to this.

What a fucking bass sound. I doubt Steve's bass will sound like this again. Just plenty of bottom end with that stellar Harris signature clunk. The production on the rythm section is just stellar on SSOASS. And the breakdown before the solo... Oooooh.
Seventh Son was the first Maiden album I ever heard. I was 8 years old and it had just been released. My first metal album overall as well. It's still my favorite to this day. However, one thing that doesn't get mentioned enough is just how heavy SiT really is. CSiT and SoM are just amazingly fast and nimble tracks with a helluva drum sound. But 7th Son will always be my baby. The guitars just flow in and out of each other like water, and they did more "risky/weird shit" you don't hear often from them. Like the acoustic intro and outro, plus the whole acoustic bit at the end of the Prophecy.
Both are amazing albums, but if I had to pick one I'd go with SSOASS.

This album was amazingly well thought. Being a concept album, the lyrics were all well planned out and some songs match the mood of the instrumentals with the context of the lyrics, such as the title song and The Prophecy, showing that they really put some hard work on the details. AFAIK this was the first album in which Dave planned ahead his solos, whereas on the prior albums he used to improvise.

All this shows how well thought out and produced this album is. The connection and harmony between the songs makes it a perfectly made album as a whole.