Chains of Misery

How good is Chains of Misery on a scale of 1-10?

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This song isn't bad. I hate the gang vocals but at the same time I disliked the choir of Bruce harmonies on a lot of the 80s albums. It's catchy, simple, and fun. Also, even though it's simple, I feel it has a lot more going on than Fugitive. More tempo changes, more harmonies, a better chorus. A lot more going for it.

I give "Chains Of Misery" a 7/10, I don't get the hatred people have for this song, while I hardly consider it to be a great song but I enjoy it due to it being a catchy song with a good sing a long chorus.


Don't like the plodding chords in the verses, don't like the dull rhythm section, despise the chanty boring chorus. Instrumental is ok.


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So apparently, only once has another song been worse in the rankings than The Apparition, and that song was Chains of Misery. Firstly, I still don't see what's wrong with The Apparition, but onto Chains - it's not that bad. I like the simplicity of the song, the chorus is an interesting for the band, and it's overall enjoyable. Debating between at and 9, but I'm going with the latter for now. 9/10.

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Many claim this song to be this album's (and one of Maiden's) worst, and I sincerely can't understand that. This song is so much fun! Should've been played live, the chorus was just made to be sung with an audience! It's not particularly genius, and the lyrics are quite shallow when compared to Maiden's finest, but it's just so fun! An 8.
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A decent riff leads into an unremarkable verse, a better pre-chorus, and a decent chorus (again with a group vocal, which is unusual for Maiden).

Another run of verse through chorus, then we get an interesting clean interlude with Bruce continuing to sing on top of it while Dave does some classy noodling. An OK solo ends with a nice harmony part. Some more chorus and we finish off with a big rock ending.

Nothing to write home about, but nothing bad here either. 6/10.


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I think the riff is good and the solo is the best on the album, the rest is harmless enough but it's still one of Maiden's weakest tracks


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I like this song. It's a simple rocker. Very good riff, verses, pre-chorus and the chorus is very good. Dave's playing is top-notch - the middle calm part before the solo is great, so is the solo from Dave (it's short but it's awesome). Great drumming through the whole song and high note from Bruce at the end of the song. 7/10
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The slow part right before the brilliant solo is amazing and saves this song. The choir chorus is definitely among their weakest ever.


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Dickinson had stated that the lyrics describe "the small
a devil sitting permanently on our shoulder, who passes them
worst possible advice ", referring to fears, insecurities
and character weaknesses, elements which are an obstacle to
make the most of the individual and avoid actions for
which he later regrets.


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