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I Finally bought a Candlemass DVD, though to be honest I don't know if it is the 20th aniversary, It might not be since the interview includes the making of the video for "Black Dwarf"... 2005 release, meh I should take a closer look, been meaning to watch it, but been to immersed in my readings lol.


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Onhell said:
I Finally bought a Candlemass DVD, though to be honest I don't know if it is the 20th aniversary, It might not be since the interview includes the making of the video for "Black Dwarf"... 2005 release, meh I should take a closer look, been meaning to watch it, but been to immersed in my readings lol.
I think it's not the new one. Still a cool one, I hope, with Messiah on vocals :)


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So I finally watched the Live in Stockholm 2003 dvd and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. As much as like Candlemass, I'm not the biggest doom fan, though I'm really starting to like it. Anyway, this DVD was awesome, aside from not having a clue what Messiah said between songs (it was in Swedish) it was a fucking great concert. They played the songs a bit faster and the entergy was great


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Well Onhell, the new DVD is out soon!

CANDLEMASS: '20 Year Anniversary Party' DVD Details Revealed - Oct. 12, 2007 

CANDLEMASS filmed its 20th anniversary concert on March 31, 2007 at Stockholm's Kolingsborg for an upcoming DVD, "20 Year Anniversary Party", due on October 22 via Snapper/Peaceville.

The complete list of vocalists that performed with the band is as follows:

Johan Langquist (ex-CANDLEMASS)
Tomas Vikström (ex-CANDLEMASS)
Mikael Åkerfeldt (OPETH)
Tony Martin (ex-BLACK SABBATH)

In addition to the concert footage, the DVD will include interviews with all the vocalists from that evening as extra material.

A "20 Year Anniversary Party" "mini-site" containing more information about the release can be found at this location. ... 36b901963a


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Just read that Candlemass' May 20, 2008 concert at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York City will be filmed for future DVD release.

I know there was a DVD last year, but that one was for nostalgic reasons, had many guests and more rare tracks. Also not unimportant, the sound was not that good.

So now, I hope for a more professional DVD, especially the sound!  :)


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Anyone heard the new Candlemass yet?

I am reading superlative reviews. I'll certainly kick myself to a record store soon. :)

1. If I Ever Die
2. Hammer Of Doom
3. The Bleeding Baroness
4. Demon Of The Deep
5. House Of 1,000 Voices
6. Dead Angel
7. Clouds Of Dementia
8. My Funeral Dreams



I used to be into Candlemass during the 1st 3 albums, but if you guys would like to listen to something that crushes anything that Candlemass have done , then give Evoken a listen, particularly Quietus, or Antethisis of Light


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I'll do that, but I do confess that I am prejudiced and hardly can imagine that they crush everything Candlemass have done. But you surely triggered me so that worked!  :)


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Now this sounds even more interesting. Got to check them out.

Do you know Draconian? Perhaps your cup of tea as well. Check here to listen.


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Paradise Lost (early and recent, middle period not recommended) is also worth a look at...


Listened to Draconian, and yes it is similar.I liked it.I have been heavily into Funeral Doom for a while, but have recently become bored with it.However Evoken have enough variation in their songs to keep you interested.

I was into early Paradise Lost until they went 'mainstream'.There were three similar UK bands who sprang up together, PL, Anathema, and MDB.MDB are the only one of the three I take any interest in now.They held a reunion gig recently, where all 3 bands played together, which went down really well apparently.


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I suggest you pick up Paradise Lost's Requiem, should still be their latest, nice "back to roots" with clean vocals.


Keeping an open eye on the Weeping Angels.
Kopfanatic said:
There were three similar UK bands who sprang up together, PL, Anathema, and MDB.MDB are the only one of the three I take any interest in now.
I quite like Paradise Lost (past and present - even the middle period was OK for me) - never got into My Dying Bride - but I have to admit I really, really rate Anathema highly - even (or more specifically, especially) their current sound.

I think they're my second or third most played artist on


Funnily enough I've recently been playing Serenades by Anathema.It's the first time I've played it in years.I kind of lost touch with them,with my musical tastes becoming more 'extreme' which is why I stuck with My Dying Bride. Trouble is, one My Dying Bride album now seems to sound much the same as another.


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The latest couple of MDB-albums indeed sound more alike, still there are always some really good tracks.
I like their first four albums most and my favourite is "Turn Loose The Swans" (no funeral doom band can beat that!) I also find "The Light at the End of the World" (1999) a very strong album, which can be seen as a fantastic comeback of the grunt. Its opening track She is the Dark is phenominal. I always enjoy The Bride live, they rock and sound heavy as f*ck.

Yesterday I heard the new Candlemass record. Well, I must say that it's really heavy. And good. Perhaps I expected a tiny bit more of it because all the reviews are over the moon about it. But I only heard it once and I am pretty sure that I will appreciate it fully when I play it more often.

There's enough space for the lead guitarist (I love his characteristic solos) and there are a few unsuspected tempo changes on the album. Singer Robert Lowe really fits well into Candlemass. I am looking forward to see them live again, if I have the chance.

Oh, before I forget, I'd like to say this:
People who are not aware of Candlemass or doom metal, don't despair. This is absolutely not a must to like this new record, or even to like this band in general. There's quite some heavy/classical metal moments in it. What's also a pro: The singer is very strong and from all clean metal singers this guy fits easily in the top 10.
Especially people who are (or were) into Sabbath, check this band out, because the influences are surely recognizable!

Come to think of it, in terms if popularity, Candlemass have made a kind of similar path as Iron Maiden, though their first two albums are broadly considered as the best albums from their own discography. That's not the case with Maiden. Of course, Maiden made more albums, but similar to Candlemass, they also made a string of less successful albums. In the nineties.

1986: Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

1987: Nightfall

Two classics, probably the two most loved albums of their whole discography.
I don't need to say much about them. Just get them!

1988: Ancient Dreams

Mainly because of its worse production this one is considered as perhaps the weakest of all the albums with vocalist Messiah Marcolin. However, my own opinion differs from this "broader" thought. I especially love the (never on stage performed?) tracks Darkness in Paradise & Incarnation of Evil. Great vocals and (esp. the second track I mentioned) pitchblack atmosphere. Haunting really. So good that I don't care about the weaker sounding drums or whatever.
The cover I find attractive as well, and the Black Sabbath medley is quite entertaining.

1989: Tales of Creation

I copied this from a review somewhere else on the net:

Tales of Creation is something of a concept album--often a dirty word when it comes to modern music--but its themes of judgment, loss, redemption and rebirth are well suited to Doom Metal, particularly the "epic traditional" style of Candlemass. Its journey is one through sorrow and despair, yet one which ultimately concludes on a note of unexpected hope and reconciliation. Our narrator, the last of mankind, must face his destiny as the one who will decide the ultimate fate of humanity.

I have this one also on LP. Bit of a fantasy atmosphere, also because of the spoken storytelling words. And we get to hear a couple of beautiful guitar harmonies, which I naturally like. The uptempo Dark Reflections has become a classic. The closing track, with its slow but steady rhythm, changing near the end into the albums intro, is excellent. Doom pur sang!

1992: Chapter VI

1998: Dactylis Glomerata

1999: From the 13th Sun

Now here comes the gap. I admit that I don't know these albums. Never tried them even. I only know that the nineties was a less successful period.
@Kopfanatic, or anyone else who has heard them, could you tell a bit more about them?

2005: Candlemass

Excellent comeback album with Messiah on vocals again. It took the band a long while to make this album. The band were reunited already 3 or 4 years before this. I saw them on stage in 2002 and they blew the house down!

2007: King of the Grey Islands

2009: Death Magic Doom

The latest two albums, with Robert Lowe (also famous of his other band Solitude Aeternus). Just like Maiden, Candlemass are really back on 6 cilinders.

Basically, imho, all Candlemass albums are worth getting, however as I mentioned before, their nineties-era is still obscure to me.