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I kind of wish they had progressed with re-recording some of the first album as b-sides during the No Prayer & FOTD sessions. Would be nice to have alternative versions of those songs with Bruce on vocals which were better produced – though I don’t think No Prayer has the best production in the world either, but I do think FOTD is good. But to be honest they would have been better b-sides than what did come with those singles, particularly the FOTD ones.


Out of the Silent Planet
Might be that time, but I have never seen this in the video.

I mean that this is Adrian's guitar from WY video, not that Bruce with that guitar is in the video.
The pic does not seem rare either. Probably a Ross Halfin pic. Halfin is Maiden's most famous photographer.

How many pictures of Bruce with a guitar have you seen? And yes, Ross Halfin is Maiden's most famous photographer.


Ancient Mariner


Ancient Mariner
I wish I could not ignore a user (and all his posts), but ignore some of their posts containing a certain word.

E.g. the combination of user name "Kalata" and "rare".

Perhaps someone would try me as well but how would you ignore posts when I complain about / criticize stuff. Hard to do what with one word.

"Forostar" and "cabaret"
"Forostar" and "book"
"Forostar" and "musical activities"
"Forostar" and "Bruce"
"Forostar" and "Brexit"
"Forostar" and "rating system"