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I very recently picked up a turntable as I have been flirting with the idea of getting into vinyl as a way to support my favourite bands after being a Spotify user for more many years supporting artists by going to gigs and t shirts (difficult to do with the absence of gigs...)

anyway it isn’t as if Maiden NEED my support and I do have the albums all on cd (with no way to listen to them in 2021) but being my favourite band and being a 90’s child I missed the whole vinyl and gatefold experience

so cutting to my actual question how do the albums sound on vinyl? Which ones sound the best? “My” Maiden is the reunion era so I hope that sounds better on vinyl


Ancient Mariner
Vinyl is an inheritly flawed format. It can sound great under the right conditions (good player, good pickup which is properly aligned, good press, good mastering etc etc), and especially on modern releases compared to the CD counterpart, due to less compression. The Book of Souls is a prime example of that, where the CD is almost unlistenable and the vinyl is more dynamic and just better. I've moved to vinyl for new purchases and I digitize my collection.

That being said, I think the original Powerslave sounds better than the original Powerslave CD. The harmonic distortion from the vinyl gives the guitars an extra dimension of quality. Same for TNOTB.
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Automaton Sovietico
Buy a vinyl because the packaging is great, and then download a professional lossless rip from somewhere.
Have a record player handy, when you really want the 'vinyl experience'.


Educated Fool
Best: Powerslave, then Piece of mind and seventh son of a seventh son

worst: Virtual XI, Dance of death and Brave new world


Yes, Yes, Another Beer!
  1. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
  2. Killers
  3. Brave New World
  4. Fear Of The Dark
  5. Somewhere In Time
  6. Powerslave
  7. The Number Of The Beast
  8. A Matter Of Life And Death
  9. The Book Of Souls
  10. No Prayer For The Dying
  11. Piece Of Mind
  12. The Final Frontier
  13. Iron Maiden
  14. Dance Of Death
  15. Virtual XI
  16. The X Factor


Ancient Mariner
  1. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
  2. Somewhere In Time
  3. Killers
  4. A Matter Of Life And Death
  5. The Final Frontier
  6. Dance Of Death
  7. Brave New World
  8. No Prayer For The Dying
  9. Fear Of The Dark
  10. The X Factor
  11. The Book Of Souls
  12. Powerslave
  13. Piece Of Mind
  14. The Number Of The Beast
  15. Virtual XI
  16. Iron Maiden