Best Song Contest- Round 3, Part 3- The Grand Final!


Educated Fool
We are getting less participation since the moderators moved to thread to the "games section". I think it was attracting more attention in the Maiden Chat section.
I have also wondered whether this is really a game. Aren’t we discussing Maiden’s music?


Out of the Silent Planet
Two of Maiden's best classic songs and one of the band's best songs from the Early years.

Both songs are unsurpassed, Phantom is a brutally good song, but Hallowed is a very very special song - one of the best heavy metal songs of all time.
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el diablo

Educated Fool
Although I have to agree that the Games forum is more appropriate, I wish these polls were still in the Maiden Chat forum. That forum has more traffic and these polls attracted far more participation there.

Anyways, this Round 2 is just brutal. All three songs are in my Top 15 Maiden. In my head I change my vote every time I think about it.
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In the mire of an ancient swamp
I went Killers tonight because as previously stated it’s Intense and feels like the epitome of metal


Stranger to the Light
I guess Phantom fandom of coincides with fandom of Hallowed more than Killers does. Phantom would definitely win if you took Hallowed out of the equation.
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Educated Fool
Phantom and Killers lost to Hallowed and now Part 3 is here with another match from the same decade. After this part we will select the song of the 80s.

Still in round 2: Hallowed Be Thy Name, Revelations, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Caught Somewhere in Time, No Prayer for the Dying, Fear of the Dark, Sign of the Cross, The Clansman, Ghost of the Navigator, Dance of Death, Paschendale, For the Greater Good of God, The Talisman, The Book of Souls, Hell on Earth


Found in a lost world
Caught Somewhere In Time for me.
Magnificent intro, roaring verses and a majestic chorus. Revelations is a super song too!
Why no Revelations vs Rime?:nuts2: