Best Band Ever
Vocals: Ronnie James Dio
Lead Guitar: Tony Iommi
Rhythm Guitar: Alex Lifeson
Bass: Geddy Lee
Drums: Mike Portnoy
Keyboards: Kevin Moore

2nd Best Band Ever
Vocals: Rob Halford
Lead Guitar: John Petrucci
Rhythm Guitar: Ritchie Blackmore
Bass: Geezer Butler
Drums: Neil Peart
Keyboards: Rick Wakeman

3rd Best Band Ever
Vocals: Russell Allen
Lead Guitar: Buckethead
Rhythm Guitar: Gary Moore
Bass: John Myung
Drums: Dave Lombardo
Keyboards: Michael Pinnella

Best Vocalist Ever - Top 10
01. Ronnie James Dio
02. Rob Halford
03. Russell Allen
04. Geoff Tate
05. Floor Jansen
06. Chris Cornell
07. Freddie Mercury
08. Ian Gillan
09. Hansi Kürsch
10. Phil Lynott

Best Guitarist Ever - Top 10
01. Tony Iommi
02. Alex Lifeson
03. John Petrucci
04. Ritchie Blackmore
05. Buckethead
06. Gary Moore
07. Glenn Tipton
08. Dave Mustaine
09. David Gilmour
10. Joe Satriani

Best Bassist Ever - Top 10
01. Geddy Lee
02. Geezer Butler
03. John Myung
04. Chris Squire
05. Flea
06. Phil Lynott
07. Roger Waters
08. Bootsy Collins
09. John Paul Jones
10. Sting

Best Drummer Ever - Top 10
01. Mike Portnoy
02. Neil Peart
03. Dave Lombardo
04. Bill Ward
05. Phil Collins
06. Bill Bruford
07. Stewart Copeland
08. Gene Hoglan
09. Richard Christy
10. Danny Carey

Best Keyboardist Ever - Top 10
01. Kevin Moore
02. Rick Wakeman
03. Michael Pinnella
04. Keith Emerson
05. Tuomas Holopainen
06. Tony Banks
07. Jens Johansson
08. Jon Lord
09. Jordan Rudess
10. Santeri Kallio
Very interesting that the band ended up being three pairs of people who have played together before. Honestly, it could have made for a pretty cool record.

Alas, calling it now: Dio leaves to go solo after the second record due to a staggering amount of combined ego.

The 3rd best band ever would be awesome.
One thing I like about the winning lineup is that it actually makes sense. I can hear what that group of musicians would come up with, and there’s shared history between enough of them. The other lineups just seem like drawing random musicians out of a hat and I’m not sure what (if any) musical connection there is.
Lead Guitar: Tony Iommi
Rhythm Guitar: Alex Lifeson

rather the other way around!

Portnoy can keep his sticks into (the bandmates of) his shitty projects for the rest of his playing time.
Kevin Moore, who is that even? Not even remotely in top 50 of important keyboard players in history.

Thanks for hosting Night Prowler.
Kall me a kvltist but I do believe that:

Garm is a better singer than Dio;
Carl August Tiddeman & Knut Magne Valle are two hell of guitarists
(Iommi is a legend, and a god on earth obviously, and shouldn't have been in this game at all for precisely those reasons);
Hugh Steven James Mingay;
Sverd's baroque approach to keyboards beats all competition;
and, last but not least,
Hellhammer vs. Portnoy? Really?

Not to mention that's a line-up that actually existed. :smartarse: