BEST BAND EVER: Drummers, Round 115; Top 64

Vote for your FAVORITE drummer(s) IN BOTH MATCHES:

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The Lars - Peart matchup makes sense when you figure that in a seeded bracket the top overall seed will face off against the bottom seed in the first round.

Now the fact that Lars is even in this tournament in the first place is another matter.


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To be fair, the poll says to vote for your “favorite vocalist” so that might explain the Ulrich vote.
Favorite does not equal best, yeah (I did notice it said vocalist at first). So I voted for Lars. Neil is awesome, and a much better drummer than Lars. But Lars has a way of finding the right, accessible groove, and his sense of doing fills is just so charmingly off. I enjoy listening to his playing as it just fits like a glove with Metallica.
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Glad Dio won the vocalists game. Also glad Halford placed second. Did a Dio & Halford marathon yesterday and those two really are in a class of their own among people who participated in the game.

Peart & Kinney, btw.


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If you voted for Lars, you should recuse yourself from voting in this game any further. There's drummers out there who can compete with Neil Peart. Lars once did this for an entire album:


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Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
Lars' worst offenses as a drummer are found in his sloppy live performances. He was a decent drummer in the 80s, with one shining moment of brilliance on AFJA - which came after him taking drum lessons to expand his palette, unsurprisingly.

The bad thing about St. Anger isn't how Lars plays, just the way his drums sound.
He's the one that thought it was a good idea for them to sound that way so he's fully responsible.