Battle Beast

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"Set yourself on fire as we remember this forever"
Instrumentally, this band isn't anything super special or original, but their singer is INSANE!!! She has a scream and growl to her voice unlike anything I've ever heard in my life!!! She's like the Rob Halford of female singers! Please comment and let me know what you think.



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I really love Battle beast, they are one of my current favorite bands. I love all their albums, but the self-titled one is my favorite if I have to pick one.

I’m glad they continued when Anton Kabanen left, I were expecting a horrible album without him, but Bringer of pain is pretty good.

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What a great band. Heard of them but never really gave them a listen. Downloaded bringer of pain and damn if this isn’t one catchy as hell uplifting album. Perfect music as the summer has just decided to start in the U.K.

Bastard son of Odin is so infectious. Singer has a great voice and I’m gonna dig into the previous albums now


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Holy shit, there's a Battle Beast thread?

Anyways, the next album (with yet another new band logo) should be something to look forward to, although tbh I was hoping for a live album


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Damn . . . it kinda bugs me that this lot is turning out to be a fair bit better than Battle Beast's new stuff


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So, let's start with the three opening bands. I arrived 20 minutes before the first band and got to have a really great view in the middle of the second row.
The first one was a Finnish metal trio called Tyrantti. They are currently one of the biggest rising stars in the Finnish metal industry. I actually really liked them, their songs gave me really strong 80s Priest and Maiden vibes and the frontman had really awesome energy. They sing in Finnish btw.
The second opener, Arion, is a lot bigger group internationally. I only knew their big hit At the Break of Dawn but they were definitely good and played great. Arion was my least favorite performer of the night, and that tells a lot about how great night it was.
CyHra was the third opener. They are a Swedish supergroup which includes former members of Amaranthe and In Flames etc. They were actually fucking awesome. Really really great stuff, but probably too poppy for most of you. A lot of their songs sounded similar pop metal but they were absolutely killing it on stage. Everyone gave 110%, especially the singer. And of course, he gave his water bottle to the guy next to me.

And then the main event. Battle Beast. They just released the new album the same day, and I unfortunately only managed to listen to the album once before the gig. Well, it didn't really matter since their performance was fucking unbelievable. I've never seen a band have so much fun on stage. As always, they were on fire. I can't believe how Noora can sound so good live. It's unbelievable. Everyone else played perfectly as well. Their speeches were also very good and I really liked the theatrical side to it too. They played a bit too much new material (9 songs out of 17!) but I got hear most of my favorites. The omission of Lost in Wars and Let it Roar was disappointing, but they had to drop something. I very highly recommend seeing them live.

This was the setlist:
  1. Unbroken
    (Live debut)
  2. Familiar Hell
  3. Straight to the Heart
  4. Unfairy Tales
    (Live debut)
  5. Black Ninja
  6. Endless Summer
    (Live debut)
  7. I Wish
    (Live debut)
  8. Raise Your Fists
    (Live debut)
  9. The Golden Horde
    (Live debut)
  10. Out of Control
  11. Touch in the Night
  12. Bastard Son of Odin
  13. The Hero
    (Live debut)
  14. Eden
  15. No More Hollywood Endings
  16. King for a Day
  17. Beyond the Burning Skies
Edit: The same fucking guy who got Jake's water bottle also got Pyry's drum stick.:facepalm: So close yet so far.