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too bad, if he goes west i'd love to see him on the spurs with kawhi (if they keep him)

pop coaching lebron :eek:

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To be fair, it would happen as a response to what the Warriors did. You can't beat them without forming a superteam of your own.

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Looks like LeBron is definitely going to the Lakers. Lame. Just when I was starting to like him. The NBA thing of players going to a team based on which city it's in instead of the players is stupid and no one can convince me otherwise.

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Derrick Rose turned back the clock big time and dropped 50 points, his career high! After everything he's been through it's really great to see him play at his pre-injuries, MVP level again. For one night at least.

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Anthony Davis has requested a trade. It will be interesting to see where he ends up going. Just about any team that realistically has a shot at getting him will instantly become a contender.

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I'd be shocked if it's not the Lakers, all signs are pointing towards that direction.

Davis is represented by LeBron's agent and close friend Rich Paul. LeBron received a warning from the league for tampering when he approached AD about joining him earlier in the season. This week news came out that the Lakers were willing to part ways with their young core to grab a superstar. A couple of days later, AD requested a trade.

AD requesting a trade mid-way through the season also means that he probably doesn't want to go to the Celtics, who are most certainly interested in him, because the Celtics can't trade for him until the off-season as they've already traded for a player who signed his current deal under the Rose Rule (Kyrie Irving) and you are not allowed to trade for a second Rose Rule player until the one on your roster signs a non-Rose Rule deal (Kyrie is up for an extension in the off-season). Rose Rule is an exception for extensions at the end of the rookie contract that sets the max deal for players who have received an MVP, DPOY or an All-NBA Team accolade at 30% of the salary cap. It's named after Derrick Rose because he was the first one to sign such a deal.

I know, I know way too much about the NBA.
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Damian and Jokic are both those great players (not superstars like Kawhi, Durant, Kyrie, Harden, Giannis, Joel, Paul George or Chris Paul) who are playing even better than I expected. I mean we all knew could ball as hell but these two dudes are something else. Curry and Embiid's performances in general on the other hand... up till had been a bit sub par.