Bands that should make a comeback


As the title suggests, you may include bands/artists who have disbanded, have been on a hiatus or may perform live often but haven't recorded anything for a long time.

Some of the bands that come to mind:

1. Symphony X
One of my top 10 Metal bands! Last album Underworld came out in 2015. From what I know, new music is in works but there have been some obstacles due to pandemic and other reasons.

2. Shadows Fall
One of my favourite modern bands. Their last album came back in 2012. Currently the guitarist Jon Donais plays for Anthrax and the drummer Jason Bittner is in Overkill. Albums to check out - The War Within and The Art Of Balance.

3. Pagan's Mind
Excellent Progressive/Power Metal band from Norway. Have released five albums, the last one came out in 2011. Again, new music is in works but don't know why so much delay. Fun fact: The vocalist has appeared in TV programme The Voice (Norway).

4. Lazarus A.D.
For me, they are like modern Pantera. Brilliant musicianship overall. They could release only two albums before their drummer passed away.

5. Coröner
Highly underrated band. Just love their style of Technical Thrash metal. Released five albums so far.

6. 3 Inches Of Blood
They broke up too soon. I like their classic Speed/Power metal style. During their heyday, Rob Halford also complimented them.

7. Bolt Thrower
One of the best Death metal bands. Just pure quality stuff!

8. X Japan
Asking them to reform is like asking for Pantera without Dimebag. But anyhow, that worked! They called it a day after their farewell tour and after a while their guitarist Hide (very talented) also passed away. Fun fact: Since Twitter has been renamed 'X', Twitter Japan, instead of renaming itself as X Japan, went for 'X Nippon' after the vocalist's request.

9. Mudvayne
They can be called 'Technical Nu Metal' specially their debut L.D. 50. A really unique style they got. They did reform recently and have performed live.
Pagan’s mind will return next year at the earliest. I think they have been without a label for a while. They have all their own lives, but they write songs now and then. I remember Nils singing Run to the hills on The Voice, he did it well.

By the way, I talk occasionally with Jørn Viggo Lofstad on work. Very weird writing emails and calling him about renovation when I 20 years ago was minblowed by his guitar skills on Celestrial Entrance!

I hope Symphony X will return at some point as well. But it just seems like the guys in the band are not in a hurry.

Other bands in this category:

System of a down - no new album for 18 years now
Faith no more - Nothing new for a while, cancelled their last tour
Gamma ray - No new music since 2014, just some touring. Will probably be on hiatus since Kai is busy with Helloween.
Edguy - nothing new since 2017
Wintersun - Not played live since january 2020, Jari supposedly working on four albums, but he just post videos of himself on Patreon covering Metallica in some deep tuning. Scam artist.
Porcupine tree - just done a run, but they are either done now or having a hiatus.
Guns’n roses - technically they have released a few songs now, but it’s basically re recorded guitars and bass, on vocal takes from 1999. And now taking a long break, possibly with no new songs.
Immortal - They have a new album, but not played live for a decade now?
The Kovenant - Not active for 20 years. Had a good contract with Nuclear blast, done a few gigs and worked on a album called Aria Galactica, but no news for a long time now.
Old man’s child - nothing new since 2009. It’s not like Dimmu borgir is so time consuming for Galder. But maybe OMC don’t have a record deal or any funding left.
Savatage - No new music for over 20 years, but it’s finally coming next year.
Wait, what?

A little delayed for obvious reasons, so maybe no touring until 2025?