Atrocious songs from good bands

These are songs that are just so bad they're the last thing you'd expect from a classic or quality band and you just can't wrap your head around the fact they sat in the studio, talked it over, and thought "This is a GOOD idea!"

Feel free to contribute to the wall of shame.

Rock 'N Roll Doctor - Black Sabbath

This one is pretty painful. Kind of everything about this is painful, it doesn't really need much explanation. Also Bill Ward is beating the living crap out of a cowbell the entire song: I kid you not.

Dirty White Boy - Foreigner

I wouldn't say Foreigner is that great, but this is an unprecedented earrape in a league of its own:



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I'd love to contribute by adding a few Megadeth songs, but I don't really want carpal tunnel syndrome.


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I wonder if this one falls under the they sat in the studio, talked it over, and thought "This is a GOOD idea!" category. Oh, well, probably not. :rolleyes:




Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Forgot about My World. That song is the definition of atrocious. St. Anger isn't too bad though when comparing the rest of the songs on the album.


Night and day I scan horizon, sea and sky
I hate St. Anger. Kirk sounds like "i want to throw up!" all the time.


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Really every song on that album would be a good candidate for this thread.

This is one of the fisrt Sabbath album I bought. I was like 13, and spent all the money I had spared. One of the worst choice in my life, along with Saxon's Crusader, I bought around those months.


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I always loved Rock n Roll Doctor by Sabbath. vote for bad songs by good bands:

AC/DC: Danger
Accept: Dogs On Leads
Black Sabbath: Born Again
IM: Quest For Fire
Motley Crue: City Boy Blues (terrible song to open the album with that followed the classic Shout At the Devil)


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Dire Straits' Les Boys are a very baffling ending to an excellent album - this strange, homophobic, neither funny nor melodic (though it tries to be both) cabaret tune is hard to listen to. Dunno what they were thinking.

Most of Clapton's Pilgrim probably fits the "atrocious" description, though unexplicably I hold a soft spot for My Father's Eyes.


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Kiss - great expectations, I was made for loving you and 80% of all the songs on the 1978 solo albums
Judas priest - Raw deal, parental guidance
GNR - My world, silkworms, oh my god
Deep purple - A 200
The beatles - yellow submarine
Stratovarius - 030366
Black sabbath - looking for today
Rhapsody - Tears of a dying poem
Nightwish - nymphomaniac fantasia
Megadeth - Amerikhastan
Metallica & Lou Reed - the Lulu album


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Crawford is a little overrated amongst BOC fans, but it's still a good song. I think the title track and Sole Survivor deserve more attention.