Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One - Revel In Time Megathread


Hello everyone! Since it will be a big album with a lot of big names already revealed, i decided to gather all information here instead of posting one by one on the Arjen Lucassen general thread.
The album is scheduled to be released February 18th, 2022. Pre-orders begin in December.
It will be a double album containing the same songs with different singers on each album.

"Fate Of Man" (Inspired by The Terminator)
"28 Days (Till The End Of Time)" (Inspired by Donnie Darko)
"Prescient" (Inspired by Primer)
"Back From The Past" (Inspired by Back From the Future)
"Revel In Time" (Inspired by Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)
"The Year Of ’41" (Inspired by the movie The Final Countdown)
"Bridge Of Life" (Inspired by the movie Frequency)
"Today Is Yesterday" (Inspired by the movie Groundhog Day)
"A Hand On The Clock" (Inspired by the movie Source Code)
"Beyond The Edge Of It All" (Inspired by the series Sapphire and Steel)
"Lost Children Of The Universe" (Inspired by the movie Interstellar)

Known Singers:
Floor Jansen (Nightwish)
Roy Khan (ex-Kamelot)
Irene Jansen (Ayreon, Star One)
Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath)
Marcela Bovio (MaYaN)
Brittney Slayes (Unleash the Archers)
Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow)
Mike Andersson (Tungsten, Star One)

Known Instrumentalists:
Arjen Lucassen (Guitars, Bass)
Ed Warby (Drums)
Joost van den Broek (Hammond)
Steve Vai (Guitar Solo on Lost Children of the Universe)
Timo Somers (ex-Delain) (Guitar Solo)
Michael Romeo (Symphony X)
Lisa Bella Donna (Moog Synthesizers)
Ron Bumblefoot Thal (Guitar Solo)

Released Singles:
Lost Children of the Universe (Roy Khan, Tony Martin, Marcela and Irene, Steve Vai)
Note: This version is a mix from both CDs, the album release will have separate versions for Roy Khan and Tony Martin

Fate of Man (Brittney Slayes, Michael Romeo)

I will regularly update this thread with new information as the guessing games are still on the way and according to Arjen it will be close to 30 different guests. Next Thursday the guessing game will be a new Guitar Player.
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No offense to Tony Martin, but I can’t see why you’d even bother with another singer once hiring Roy Khan to make his return to a metal project. Very excited to hear his singing!

And Brittney Slayes is just an amazing added bonus.
I sadly need to agree here. Tony Martin does not sound half as good as he once was. Lost so much power. :/

Let's not forget how good he once was. Still one of my favourite singers, but I better stick to his Sabbath studio albums, recorded 35 to 25 years ago.
I liked tony martin approach and on the last star one album he had a guest appearance that was great. I guess Arjen just like to hire his heroes when it's possible and i don't mind it, specially when there's so much room in a double album.

BTW i added the new guitar solo he revealed today :)
Arjen just announced Joe Lynn Turner will be featured on Revel in Time and there's a great message from him on the video!

I guess there's infinite space for legends on this record :)
Lot of new personell announced the last couple of weeks, it should be a great album! Not many surprises, but very skilled singers and instrumentalists. Just hope it won’t be a big mess singer wise like The source. Pre orders are up:okok: