Anyone into their LEGO ???


Need 10,000 like to go into production.

Think that is quite a good idea, but rather poorly executed. Don't for a moment think I could come up with a better build. But if Lego did decide to go with that they would have to do a lot of improvements to make me buy it, as in that state it is pretty poor.

I do love Lego though, got loads of the stuff, love putting together stop motion videos of it to try and promote my band.


The Flash

Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
If there was official Iron Maiden Lego I would absolutely buy it. Then Diesel would say I'm a hypocrite because Lego is for children, but I wouldn't give a shit because Lego is awesome.
There is a way to enjoy Lego and not be a hypocrite about enjoying childish things, you know.