Alice In Chains


Ancient Mariner
I simply love the damn record. I think AIC are one of the few bands in the world that each time they release a record it's top tier quality assured. Every F'ing Time! When TDPDH is the record that amazes me the least while being an incredible album, I think it's all said. Now Rainier Fog is some years older and spined it a zillion of times I can say it's by far my second favorite from the Duval era and my 4th favorite from the band (only trailing behind Black Gives Way To Blue, Dirt and their self titled. On one hand we have those sludgy soul crushers like Red Giant, Def Hears and So Far Under that dwell in that almost impossible balance between oppressive depression and bittersweet melodies AIC so masterfully achieves in an unique way. Then we have lighter songs (but still with a fair amount of a bitter sweet aftertaste), simple in structure but amazingly well composed like the title track or All I Am, heavily supported in absurdly gorgeous hooks and vocal harmonies. The track that portraits these compositions perfectly and happens to be my favorite is Maybe. This song is so good it should have a religion dedicated to it. :p


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Fly and Drone took me a while. Red Giant is really Stone 2.0 but it still kicks ass.