2015 Remasters on CD


Ancient Mariner
...and it has been the case for some time now. ;)
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Also the Rio show is fun and everythings not going smoothly as planned. Bruce also wrote about that "forehead-incident" also on his autobiography.
And there were also some other problems too, like during Powerslave the fire comes too late, so it leaves burning on stage Bruce has to stomp it few times. His microphone gets unplugged couple times for whatever reason, then Bruce rants, nags and curses to the technic during the solo-section of The Trooper, it can be heard then as then it's working and plugged.
I think there might be some other stuff aswell, can't remember as I haven't watched the full show for while.
It's much of a muchness, but it does have a bit more of Bruce's speech before blood brothers than what is on the original.

Whether that's a good thing or not might be a different story :lol: It's major cringe when he starts going on about britney spears, lame fucks and muthafuckas.

Will have to give that rant a re-listen.

Agree to disagree, but political incorrectness (for me at least) is even more welcome in 2020 than it was in 2001