1. Randalf

    THE FUTURE PAST TOUR - The Setlist Contest! WINNERS: blackie2380, MrKnickerbocker & Collin

    It's not too early, right? Right..? Do you remember the The Ultimate TLOTB Setlist Thread? Now that The Future Past Tour 2023, along with it's theme, has been announced, it is also time to start properly speculating and guessing the setlist. With LOTB, I kicked this one off relatively close to...
  2. matic22

    The Ultimate Underplayed Iron Maiden Songs List (Reunion-era)

    So this is a similar thread to the one I created before, although this one is about underplayed songs during recent years. The songs eligible for this thread must have been played at least once during the reunion-era. So no Flight Of Icarus I'm afraid. There is no TBOS songs. TFF 2010 and 2011...
  3. matic22

    The Ultimate Overplayed Iron Maiden Songs List

    Since we usually rant about that problem, I decided to make a new thread in where every user can vote for 3 (in his opinion ) most overplayed songs. We all know there is a thin line between a live staple and an overplayed song. So this thread is there to determine that. Remember, The Book Of...