1. Diesel 11

    BLAZE: The Rankings (Completed... At Last)

    When Bayley Alexander Cooke was announced as Iron Maiden's new singer, replacing Bruce Dickinson who had left the band to pursue a solo career, everyone knew he had big shoes to fill. With Bruce, Maiden had enjoyed an enormous amount of success, and the stage presence and vocal range of their...
  2. Diesel 11

    MaidenFans Rankings

    I suppose that's the best way to call them. This thread is intended to keep track of the Ranking threads we've done / are doing. So far, they seem to work nicely as Survivor companions. Also, any new ones people wish to do in future can be discussed here as well. The following is a list of...
  3. Jer

    Adrian's Solo Discography Ranked - The Complete List

    Adrian Smith has been a critical part of Iron Maiden's sound for 11 studio albums, but he's also created a significant amount of music outside of the band, spanning multiple genres and vocalists (including himself!). Inspired by the Bruce Dickinson ranking thread, I thought it would be...