1. fredo96993

    Sixth Powerslave Song Played Live?

    I was just reading through Rock Candy magazine, issue 2 because Maiden were on the cover. The article is about the Polish tour in 1984. The writer Howard Johnson claims that they played six new songs on the first date of the tour in Warsaw. Iirc there are occasional rumours about Back in the...
  2. Nathan Alexander

    What do you think is better, Aces High Or Silver Wings?

    Personally I prefer Silver Wings. Silver Wings Aces High
  3. B

    My Powerslave CD (non-remastered) has no print!

    I saw that my version of Powerslave has two blank sides, so there is no print on the CD! The back cover says 'printed in UK' , the barcode reads 777460452 on the back cover and on the disc there is a number 746045 2 @ 5. The music sounds fine btw so the discs is actually working...