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    Worst Album

    I I wouldn't call any of those 'fillers.' I'm sure they put as much into them as any other song.
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    Worst Iron Maiden Song

    There is honestly only one song which I just can't like: When the Wild Wind Blows.
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    Best Opening Song

    You're right of course. Doh!
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    Best Ending Song

    The Legacy would probably be in my top 5 Maiden songs of all time.
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    Worst Album

    I agree with Kill Devil Hill. Surely anyone who doesn't like No Prayer needs their speakers tested. I voted for The Number of the Beast. Not because I don't like it (I really do), its just my least favourite.
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    Who will carry the torch?

    Either Electric Wizard or Primordial.
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    The Sound of Vinyl

    I have a remastered version of Somewhere in Time, and the opening track is overpowered by the drums so much that it ruins the entire song. In fact, the drums almost sound programmed. I'll stick to the original CD or the vinyl.
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    Solid-Power songs : 'Fallen' vs. 'Frontier'

    Both great songs. I think I prefer Fallen Angel simply because it's not as repetitive as New Frontier. I know the chorus is, but that's actually one of the bits that sounds really good.
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    Essential: Albums all metal fans should own/know.

    I would add Anthrax's Persistence of Time and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.
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    Most underated songs

    Sea of Madness is definitely one of my all time favourites.
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    One year with ...

    Hi. I'm new here but thought I would have a go: album: Skunkworks (Bruce D). videogame: Shinobi (old Sega game) movie: Blade Runner: Director's Cut. season of some series: QI. book: Don Quixote (its so long it would take that long to read). drug: Blue Charge (energy drink).