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    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    Usually just look at the pictures...... Instead of Stacey, 23 from Essex we got a centrefold on Maiden coming to Scotland.
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    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    There was a good 2 page interview with Steve in today's Scottish Sun that talked about set lists staying the same on tours, why he doesn't drink much anymore and that Scottish fans are the best Also " I think we will do more stuff. I'm pretty sure we will tour at least next year anyway" A tour...
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    Guitar Pedals

    I built my board (including the board !) for playing in the house not gigging. I have a volume pedal into a cry baby wah. Then into my overdrive/distortions which are a Danelectro Daddy O for crunch, a Marshall Jackhammer for some beefy drive and then a Boss turbo distortion for nice saturated...
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    A Matter Of Life And Death turns 10

    Everyone's favourite......... Hooks in you! (The end of the song has the ECAF progression! You're welcome!!
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    Iron Maiden video interviews / shows

    Cheers for the info MrKnickerbocker.
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    Iron Maiden video interviews / shows

    Is it wrong for me to really want an Ed force one tie??? Jeeeeez I'm showing my age.
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    The Post Your Own Music Thread A kind of soundscape tune that I did.
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    The Post Your Own Music Thread A prog rock kinda thing
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    The Post Your Own Music Thread Heres a little tune I have done.
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    The Post Your Own Music Thread Me playing around due to the fact i'm going to the Pompeii concert!!
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    The inevitable 1990s tour after Book of Souls Tour ends

    I think a 90's tour would be better received now than it was in the 90's. I also think time has allowed The XF and VXI to sit better within the maiden discography and I know that my feelings towards them and Blaze has certainly led to me appreciating them more. I used to think that when Bruce's...
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    Pink Floyd

    The wife managed to get 2. She sat in her work hitting the refresh button on her pc as soon as they went on sale today. Exited doesn't even begin to get close. I don't think she appreciated the "I wonder who I should take with me" joke Flights and hotel booked as well. Napoli here we come
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    Pink Floyd

    David Gilmour has announced that he is going back to play in Pompeii for 2 nights this July. Pink Floyd originally played there in 1971 to an empty amphitheater and released the show on film. This time there will be approximately 2000 people per night so should be quite an intimate show...
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    Maiden on the radio

    Planet rock (in the UK) played The flight of Icarus a week or two ago...... That means they play it more than the band do. Also had CIPWM and SOL recently.
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    Paul Di'Anno

    I think that is the last good song he did. Good vocals, strong melody. The end.