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    Dream Theater

    I did not expect that, but this was indeed fn. beautiful.
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    Iron Maiden pictures

    Is Adrian butchering Janick's pose?
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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    Iron Maiden 2020 The Year Of The Dead
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    Rant Thread

    Hold up a minute there
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    Dream Theater

    Spotify only has the title track :(
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    Unpopular Maiden Opinions

    Today is born the fourth one Born of some chick the fourth son And now I lost my calculator He has the power of potato He has twice the gift of the second sight He is the chosen fourth So it shall be written From the south to north
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    Unpopular Maiden Opinions

    Where do you see 7th Son?
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    Dream Theater

    Dream Theater albums by number of birds on the album cover (some reddit guy made it)
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    FUNNY / RANDOM / WEIRD Pictures...

    B.A.B: I thought you can do that with any string.
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    Maiden albums you can’t get into?

    Alright, I shall think about it when I have this chance.
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    FUNNY / RANDOM / WEIRD Pictures...

    I guess it's the interval between G and B that is one half step less then when you tune the rest of the strings? Basically when you check your tuning by ear using intervals you have to press one fret lower then with the rest. Or the fact that G is somewhere in between the "thick" and "thin" so...
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    Maiden albums you can’t get into?

    I am always surprised how very few people mention this. I have the same opinion - songs are simply great, but if the guitars and overall production sounded like SSoaSS or Powerslave, that would be heaven. Not to be a poser, but the softness and smoothness bothers me in the "metal album." If that...
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    Dating Advice For MaidenFans Thread

    I am just sad that the talk about the flight attendants finished before I got in on.
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    A very pleasant tune on the first listen. I dig the energy.