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    Bruce Dickinson

    Rip Paddy... sad news...
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    I saw accept in Chile last December with the formation of 6 members, it was my fourth time seeing them and let me tell you that it was one of the best ... the new guitarist Phil Shouse has a great stage presence and they sounded brutally good! Here is a photo with them, I had the opportunity to...
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    Legacy Of The Beast 2021

    This coronavirus is very relative ... Doesn't it seem crazy to me that the new album will be announced, finished in July 2021 and released in September, to go on tour in November?
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    The Book of Souls: General album discussion

    well .. the album is 5 years old this year and my thinking remains the same, it's incredible! from the concept itself, compositions, etc ... I am not much to do rankings, but I think it is the best since Amolad, and I like that TFF too
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    Adrian Smith

    I expected something from Smith ... I think it will be an interesting book
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    Bruce Dickinson

    apparently the skunkworks era was very productive! Chris has uploaded a lot of material these days, Alex Dickson also did it a year ago, but he lost all the videos on his YouTube channel
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    Which tour rehearsal would you watch? SPOILERS

    If I had to choose one I think edhuntour for everything that should have been the return of bruce and adrian to the band, it is inevitable to think of everything that came to mind. the book of souls tour 2016, it was bruce's return after having fought against cancer ... it must have been a...
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    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    I think Rod is a very important part, so much so that I can't imagine the band with another person controlling it, he is definitely the seventh member of the band
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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

    this whole situation is driving me crazy ... even what will happen next year looks cloudy :(:rolleyes:
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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

    mmm i dont think so... here in south america the situation is critical. ( i´m from chile) all gigs , events are postponed. I think the new album came in the second part of the year( I hope)
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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    hi... yes I from chile
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    Little musical cues that you love

    Starblind! Bruce singing and Adrian plays a great solo during this! Magic