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    Martin Birch passed away

    Just saw this. Man, 2020 sucks. A legendary producer - made so many great albums.
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    Where does Iron Maiden stand in your top 10 bands of all time?

    1 - Maiden 2 - Priest Other all-time favorites in no particular order: Dio and Dio w/Sabbath, Rainbow Queensryche Scorpions Metallica Malmsteen AC/DC Guns N Roses Van Halen
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    Bruce Dickinson

    I can't believe some people are getting a little salty because there's no acknowledgement on the official website. Clearly it's because of Bruce. Maybe they should respect his wishes.
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Terrible news. Didn't know it was being discussed here and didn't see anything in Maiden Chat so I posted there. My apologies.
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    Some sad news about Bruce's estranged wife... R.I.P - Paddy
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    New (old) Iron Maiden tour shirts released

    Yeah, with Atlanta No Prayer was cancelled, did Fear and X Factor, then nothing until 2012.
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    New (old) Iron Maiden tour shirts released

    I'm in Atlanta and I remember back in the day they played places like Columbus and Savannah, GA.
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    Legacy Of The Beast 2021

    It sucks covid-19 is pushing everything back and that we will have to wait longer for a new album/tour. While I said before I would prefer a new album tour over another leg of LOTB I admire the band for trying to honor their commitment to all the fans/countries that are missing out on them this...
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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

    I still believe they have a couple more tours in them, more if they want to carry on without Nicko.
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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

    I would think if the promoter (or government for the matter) cancels a show then that would leave the artists off the hook. The artist may not be available or unable to perform next year or whenever the event is rescheduled. But then I'm not in Entertainment Law.
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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

    For TBOS tour 2016 they used the jumbo 747. That was a big production.
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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

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    The Walking Dead: an interesting sort of Maiden "cameo"

    Didn't know about this. Pretty damn cool. Thanks for sharing!
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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

    Yeah, looking like the whole tour will be scrapped. Glad I was able to see it and sorry for the fans who won't. Hope they at least put out an official dvd/album release for LOTB
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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    Maybe they will play Virus on the upcoming leg of the tour....