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    BREXIT: You Decide!

    Because you, your leftist leaders and the chattering class call anyone who opposes your leftist orthodoxy 'stupid'. Keep doing it, keep losing.
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    BREXIT: You Decide!

    The wealthiest and most powerful people on earth largely control the media. The media is meant to control the people. When the media is overwhelmingly selling the same thing from one side of the coin, it is wise to question them. Good for people for seeing through the lying media. The US media...
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    BREXIT: You Decide!

    And 100 years ago ago the UK ruled itself. Then WWII happened and in the ashes of that conflict we had the European Union expiriment which Britain has been (and for now continues to be) a part of for the last ~45 years and led precisely to where you describe them today. So tell me again why they...
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    BREXIT: You Decide!

    I guess my post wasn't clear. Reclaim their country from Brussels. But if we're nitpicking, even though the right wing has had a slim majority, it wasn't enough to overcome the far left to proceed as the voters asked 3 years ago -with Brexit. Now if this expected results holds, they can trounce...
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    BREXIT: You Decide!

    LOL. So many sad socialists and commies.....Good for the UK. They finally can reclaim their country from the unelected leftist mob and those among their government who refuse to listen to the people they supposedly work for. Sad for the media too and all their lies. Lots of people don't listen...
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    No Prayer For the Dying

    Great track. As a new fan of Maiden, discovering much of their catalog for the first time I just found this one last week. Surprised it isn't a little higher in the vote. The melody is so catchy.
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    BREXIT: You Decide!

    Snowflakes everywhere. Liberalism has turned into a disease of the mind and a religious cult. Afraid to be challenged on their religious dogma so they either shout 'nazi' or put their fingers in their ears when the come across anyone who strays from their cult.
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    BREXIT: You Decide!

    Oh, that totally negates my point then.
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    BREXIT: You Decide!

    Tribal language? Lmfao. Leftism run amok. Your own country's governance has been contracted out to elites of other nationalities several thousand miles outside of your borders (remember those antiquated things?)....and you're offended by referring to your own countrymen...sorry...
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    I was recommended this track by friends and I just started to listen to it recently as I discover all of IMs catalog.. ...I liked it off the bat especially for the melodic part midway through with all the solos....but what really has got me now after repeated listens is the riff/beat that...
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    BREXIT: You Decide!

    Reading through the thread I can't help but wonder why those from the UK here 1)feel an un-elected bureaucracy of elites in Brussels is better at running your country than your own people are, and 2)if those who voted to reclaim their country are such racist, xenophobic morons, then maybe you...
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    Infinite Dreams

    So far this one is my favorite off the album, but there are many other strong ones. I love the opening especially.
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    Hallowed Be Thy Name

    My first exposure to this gem was through a reaction video of the live show (from 82 I believe) on YT. (discovered only like a month ago!!! - casual turning hardcore IM fan in the making here) .....I listened to the opening few seconds once or twice then was drawn back to actually listen to the...
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    Boston (Mansfield), MA for me. August 1....Will be my 2nd Maiden show cannot wait.