Your top 5 metal songs


Ancient Mariner
Although I'm by no way a fan, Korn are the only original band outof that movement (and perhaps the oldest) and by no means they can be disregarded. The downtuning, slappy bass, mid tempo drums, screaming vs moaning voice, the visuals... these guys invented the whole genre. Then a million copycats came along and stole the formula. Hey... even metal bands stole that same recipee: Sepultura, Machine Head, Pitchshifter ... even Fear Factory, Danzig and Anthrax mixed it in their sound for a couple of albums. Despite not liking what they do truth be told... Korn did the most difficult thing in music: create a genre a becoming the pack leader of a worlwide style (for better and worst).


Wicked World — Black Sabbath
Angel of Death — Slayer
Hallowed Be Thy Name — Iron Maiden
For Whom the Bell Tolls — Metallica
4° — Tool

Black Wizard

Pleb Hunter
I disagree. Nu metal was trying to ride on the popularity of metal but did too many other things to actually be a part of the real deal, IMO.
I'm a little bit late at getting round to replying to this, but you can say the same of many other bands who are considered to be Metal without much debate. Nightwish and Dream Theater, for example, do many "other things" outside of the "real deal" that we wouldn't hear Slayer doing but there's never any issue with either band being Metal.

Let's look at (some of?) the main Nu Metal bands: Korn, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit.

  • Korn pretty much pioneered Nu Metal as far as I know. Although I can't claim to be very familiar with what Korn have done they definitely sound Metal enough to me.
  • Slipknot are a bit shit but I can't imagine them being considered as anything other than a Metal band.
  • Linkin Park certainly blended a few different things into their sound, most notably Hip-Hop, but their first two albums had enough Metal to be considered Metal (e.g. 'One Step Closer'). I can't comment on anything after this as I'd grown out of them by the time their third album came out, but I remember reading stuff about their later albums saying that it was totally different, like Electronic Rock or something.
  • Limp Bizkit are probably the biggest melting pot of them all. Lots of rapping with puerile lyrics and breakdowns from a DJ, but a significant amount of Metal in there too. They certainly toe the line on being Metal or not.
I think Nu Metal had enough to merit the "metal" tag, even if there was a lot of "other things" incorporated into the music that the "real deal" didn't have. Linkin Park certainly seemed to move away from Nu Metal later in their career but the early stuff, and that of their peers, still holds up as Metal.


Out of the Silent Planet
Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

Judas Priest - Painkiller ...(Breaking The Law too)

Dio - Rainbow In The Dark

Rainbow - Stargazer

Bruce Dickinson - Tears Of The Dragon