Your Top 10 songs of any band you want


Out of the Silent Planet
It's time for another legends ! :edmetal:

TOP 10 Of Accept:

2.Living For Tonite
3.Worlds Colliding
4.Midnight Mover
5.Aiming High
6.Metal Heart
7.Can't Stand The Night
8.The King
9.Head Over Heels
10.It's Hard To Find A Way


Pica Serdica
Thank you for using my title correctly. I shall promote you to the grand position of ‘List Overseer for Diesel’. You are now in charge of keeping track of every list he has ever made. Enjoy your new position!
That would be a betrayal of Cried's crusade, Your Collinness, so I cannot accept, alas.
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Out of the Silent Planet
I love this band !!! <3


1.Tears Are Falling
3.Love Gun
4.Lick It Up
5.Heaven's On Fire
6.King Of Hearts
7.Hide Your Heart
8.Fits Like A Glove
9.Detroit Rock City
10.Crazy Crazy Nights

Other two songs that I like a lot, but they are not on a album: Time Traveler and (You Make Me) Rock Hard
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Let's Get Volatile
Guns N Roses
  1. Rocket Queen
  2. You Could Be Mine
  3. Nightrain
  4. Live And Let Die
  5. Don't Damn Me
  6. Sorry
  7. You're Crazy (Lies version)
  8. Estranged
  9. Welcome to the Jungle
  10. Don't Cry (Original version)


Out of the Silent Planet
Thunder and metal are shaking the ground..... :rocker:

TOP 10 OF Manowar:

1.Kings Of Metal
2.Warriors Of The World United
3.Brothers Of Metal
4.Hail And Kill
5.Blood Of The Kings
6.Black Wind, Fire And Steel
7.Call To Arms
8.The Sons Of Odin
9.Battle Hymn
10.Kill With Power


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms

1. Tread Lightly
2. Oblivion
3. Roots Remain
4. The Czar
5. Steambreather
6. The Last Baron
7. Sleeping Giant
8. Megalodon
9. The Motherload
10. Jaguar God


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Iced Earth

1. Travel in Stygian
2. Gettysburg (1863)
3. A Question of Heaven
4. Clear the Way (December 13th, 1862)
5. Pure Evil
6. Burning Times
7. The Coming Curse
8. Dante's Inferno
9. I Died For You
10. Jack


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I might make an effort to get into Mastodon this year after I'm done with Symphony X and Dream Theater.


Let's Get Volatile
I've actually got CtS, but never listened to it the whole way through. Got it 'cause I loved "Oblivion", then got sidetracked for whatever reason.

Got loads of stuff in my iTunes I've never listened to. Could probably do my own 365 Albums in One Year without anything else.