Your Favorite Sports Team?


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Tie between Hertha BSC (football) and Toronto Blue Jays (baseball), although saying die hard fanatic is a bit exaggerated. Those are just the two clubs I feel tied to.


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Actually, rather than list this, let's have a discussion. Obviously, I'm Canadian, so I'm tied more to hockey than any other sport. I briefly followed lacrosse in my teens, but the other North American sports hold very little interest for me. Baseball is boring, basketball is ego-driven, and American football is way too slow (though I often take in a Redblacks game in Ottawa once or twice a season). I do have a preferred American football team - the New England Patriots - and from the outside I cheer for the Montreal Alouettes in Canadian football.

In soccer, I technically support the Montreal Impact, but outside of going to a handful of Ottawa Fury (2nd tier league) games, I haven't really gotten into soccer here. Similarly, I don't watch much Premier League or similar; I ostensibly support West Ham United for some reason. Internationally I support England.

I learned to love the Canadiens young. My dad is a big supporter, insomuch as he supports any sports team, but I was 8 and just becoming aware of the world of sports when Montreal won the 1993 Stanley Cup, which remains the last time a Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup. So this really cemented my love of the team. I'm a true supporter - I even liked the Habs in the mid 90s after the Patrick Roy trade, and hell, I still like them today when the franchise is a literal clusterfuck. It'd be even worse if Ottawa wasn't a worse clusterfuck.

As for the Mooseheads, they are the junior hockey team in Halifax, closest to where I grew up. Lots of great NHL players have come up through the Mooseheads, notably 2004 Conn Smythe winner JS Giguere, as well as current Avalanche superstar Nathan MacKinnon. Started following them in my teens, and I got to see a few games when both MacKinnon and Jonathan Drouin were playing - that's the year they won the Memorial Cup as the best junior team in Canada.


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