Your favorite 10 seconds of Maiden?

How about the part before the solos in SSOASS? That part is killer, but it also might be a tease because I want to listen to the rest of the solo section. Tough choice.
Into the valley of death fear no evil
We will go forward no matter the cost
Into the valley of death follow me now
Bring me your souls and I'll make it our last
GOOD Thread,very interesting!:applause:

The part before the calm middle section of SSOASS, especially the ME '88 live version, still goosebumpy after all those years:

From the reunion era, this part from Dance of Death (DOTR live), because of Bruce's sheer theatrical expressiveness:

''Meet me there'' from The Parchment.

''Love in anger, life in danger'' from Hell On Earth.
Dave's beautiful solo under the last chorus of Judas Be My Guide - 2:49 to 2:59. I'd say his intro solo too but that's 15 seconds. :lol:
Almost for sure something from Paschendale, that song is so chock full of amazing bits. I'll go with 5:34-5:44 ("blood is falling like the rain...")