How good is Wrathchild on a scale of 1-10?

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Out of the Silent Planet
Early classic, with superb intro (that fucking bass line) and groove. This song is a definition of a short rocker. An all time greatest hit for the band. Fantastic pre-chorus and the actual chorus is great live. Crazy solo by Dave and the scream in the middle is just perfect. (I like when on a Maiden song has a scream). Whenever I listen to this song I always feel a lot of energy and air guitar/drums/bass are inevitable :lol: Ideal song for concerts. And it is in my top 10 Maiden songs (nearly at the top), so....


Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
A classic song from the early days, but I'm not a fan of Di'Anno's vocals or the production here, the latter of which is weak... really weak. All the gut of the previous album was thrown out the window in favor of better sound quality, and it reflects poorly on the song's overall construction. Still, it's kinda neat and a deserving live staple. 7


Years Wasted
Did you know that?

Wrathchild is only the 8th most played song by the band.

It was the first song played by Dave Murray in his audition.

Clive's audition consisted on playing 'Running Free', 'Wrathchild' and 'Transylvania'.

Nicko had to learn the song, along with 'Killers' & 'Run To The Hills' for his first appearance (A TV show in Belgium) with Maiden.

Blaze Bayley had to learn the song along with many others for his audition. (Blaze Bayley – Soundtracks Of My Life Platinum Edition Booklet)

Is one of the only five songs to be sung by all 3 official Maiden singers (Paul Di'Anno, Bruce Dickinson & Blaze Bayley).

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Educated Fool
The lyrics seem to be the words of a young man born from
the unwanted pregnancy of a prostitute, who has set as her goal
of his life finding his father. Although not inspired by
the life of a band member, the feeling of marginalization and
of the rage they exuded was perfectly in tune with her emotions
plagued by youth unemployment in Great Britain at the time.