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Discussion in 'Meaningless Polls' started by Dr. Eddies Wingman, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. karljant

    karljant Ancient Mariner

    This one's waaaaaaay easier than a best of... from least awful to absolute trash:

    1- The Ides Of March *
    2- From Here To Eternity (Yes... I dislike it even more than TAATG)
    3- No Prayer For The Dying (studio version)**
    4- Fear Is The Key
    5- When Two Worlds Collide**
    6- Wasting Love
    7- Quest For Fire
    8- Hooks In You
    9- The Apparition
    10- Age Of Innocence
    11- Weekend Warrior

    * Only cool song on this list
    ** listenable
    .... all the rest is unbearable :p
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  2. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    1.The Ides Of March
    2.Remember Tomorrow
    3.Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)
    4.Another Life
    5.Genghis Khan
    6.Strange World
    7.Charlotte The Harlot
    8.Prodigal Son
    9.The Apparition
    10.Age Of Innocence
    11.The Unbeliever
  3. Jer

    Jer I’m not a fish, I’m a man

    1. Satellite 15...The Final Frontier
    2. The Angel And The Gambler
    3. Mother Of Mercy
    4. Fortunes Of War
    5. Look For The Truth
    6. The Educated Fool
    7. Judgement Of Heaven
    8. Como Estais Amigos
    9. Iron Maiden
    10. The Edge Of Darkness
    11. Weekend Warrior
    12. Fear Of The Dark
  4. Confeos

    Confeos Game time started.

    I thought I'd done this earlier, but apparently not, so here goes:

    1. Invaders
    2. Remember Tomorrow
    3. Mother of Mercy
    4. 22 Acacia Avenue
    5. When Two Worlds Collide
    6. Innocent Exile
    7. Gangland
    8. Chains of Misery
    9. The Man Who Would Be King
    10. Drifter
    11. Weekend Warrior
    12. Fear of the Dark (just because)
  5. karljant

    karljant Ancient Mariner

    Not that it's my business but this is a matter of opinion. It's simple... people have different preferences and sometimes their favorites aren't quite the most popular songs.
    Take my example... I like RTTH and by no meaning think it's worst than half the songs you compared it to and nonetheless I respect your pick (except perhaps when it comes to Wasting Love gggggrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! :D)
    And in all honesty I also can't understand why No More Lies, The Red And The Black, The Talisman, Face In The Sand, Drifter and Journeyman under the said circunstances could be featured in this list (Same works for Tailgunner, Fortunes Of War, The Duellists, The Prophecy or The Man Who Would Be King on DJ Mayes list)... and I really don't have to! It's your musical taste, it's your list and you're entitled to pick the songs you want, and people just have to accept it otherwise you wouldn't be honest with yourself.

  6. karljant

    karljant Ancient Mariner

    Although I prefer RTTH, Gates is a pretty good song... and I totally concur: great pre-chorus (not only the vocals but also the bass) and chorus indeed
  7. Number 6

    Number 6 Ancient Mariner

    1. "Wildest Dreams"
    2. "The Angel and the Gambler"
    3. "Lightning Strikes Twice"
    4. "Another Life"
    5. "When Two Worlds Collide"
    6. "Gates of Tomorrow"
    7. "Gangland"
    8. "Iron Maiden"
    9. "The Man Who Would Be King"
    10. "Drifter"
    11. "Weekend Warrior"
    12. "Fear of the Dark"
  8. KidInTheDark666

    KidInTheDark666 What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine too

    1. Moonchild
    2. TAATG
    3. Losfer words
    4. Another Life
    5. When the river runs deep
    6. Innocent exile
    7. Run silent run deep
    8. Prodigal son
    9. The apparition
    10. Drifter
    11. Weekend warrior

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