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This is the video for the new song 'The Reckoning' with the guy from Papa Roach (an odd collaborator for Within Temptation!). It's OK I suppose. I think there are a couple of other guest appearances on the upcoming album, such as the In Flames singer.

I will be seeing Within Temptation in Manchester next weekend so will be having a bit of a Within Temptation binge for the next few days. I have seen them once before, eleven years ago at Download Festival on the second stage before Dream Theater and Dimmu Borgir (and just after Napalm Death!). I wasn't familiar with them at the time and only started listening to them a couple of years ago but enjoyed their set a lot and then didn't follow up on it. Sadly their set was cut short because of technical difficulties - only four songs! :eek: - and I mainly remember thinking about how gorgeous Sharon den Adel is. She doesn't seem to have changed a bit since and obviously neither have I.::) They actually played Download three years in a row with the 2007 appearance the middle of the three.


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I used to listen to Within Temptation quite a bit as a teen (The Silent Force album specifically). Sometimes one of their songs pops up in a playlist and it's always enjoyable, although perhaps mostly for the nostalgia. I find Sharon's voice very nice, there's a haunting quality to it.

Having said that, I had a listen to their latest album (Resist) today. Sounded good, a very easy listen straddling industrial and power metal, with some pop elements. The first half of the album is stronger than the back end, it runs out of steam a little bit. I especially enjoyed The Reckoning, Endless War, Raise Your Banner, Supernova, Holy Ground (this sounded the most pop-influenced to me, but it works), Mercy Mirror (catchy). It might not turn into an every day kind of listen, but at least a few of these songs will come in handy for 'angry energy' playlists. Recommend a listen!


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I know there was a big issue in Belgium when Within Temptation entered the charts with Ice Queen. They got airplay on national station Radio Donna.(now MNM) It was the first time a band with metal background got that treatment. On gigs of WT , non-metalfans were showing up dressed in non-metal clothing. Something true metal elitists were not amused with. Ridiculous offcourse.


Ancient Mariner
Sharon was a guest on television a few years ago on the show "Liefde voor Muziek". Concept of the show: artists cover each others songs. She made great covers. Also nice to hear pop artists approach on WT.