Chained Prometheus

The Spiral King

This album is far and away my favorite album of 2017 so far. One of the best debut albums I've heard in quite awhile.

I know that @Night Prowler posted the album link in the Iced Earth thread awhile back, as Witherfall's guitarist is the new lead guitarist in Iced Earth. Personally, while I like IE, I think Witherfall is a much better example of what Jake Dreyer is capable of as a guitarist and as a songwriter. I'm also quite fond of Joseph Michael's performance on this album as both the lead singer and keyboardist.
I've been listening to the debut album for a while and I gotta say it's one of the best pure prog metal albums I've heard lately.

Vocalist Joseph Michael is a mix between late Warrel Dane (probably why he was picked to replace him for the final Sanctuary tour) and James Rivera of Helstar.

Musically, Witherfall bring nothing particularly new, but the album is still great. There are lots of epic moments and tasteful and not too wankery shredding. Bass is also quite noticeable. I think that the most striking thing about this album is a great amount of acoustic passages which are very well done. Jake Dreyer is a big talent and I hope he gets more opportunities to write in Iced Earth. Him and singer Joseph Michael also produced the album and they did a great job because everything is clear and hard hitting. I hope Jake gets a say in production of the next Iced Earth album because this one has better sound than anything IE did since Horror Show.

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