WItch Meadow


"The Thin Line Between Love And Hate".......
This fall Divebomb Records will be releasing a compilation album, Cry Of The Wolf, featuring all of the recorded music created by the band Witch Meadow. For over 20 years metal fans across the world have enjoyed the power metal style that Witch Meadow brought to the scene. Fans of Iron Maiden, wasp, dio, sabbath, skid row will not be let down with this release. Songs like "Hells Hollow", "Wings Of Steel","do You Want To Live Forever" and the title track "Cry Of The Wolf" deliver some soul searing molten metal to your speakers. Also available are rare never before released videos on the you tube page:
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track list for Cry Of the wolf:
cry of the wolf, wings of steel, waiting for you, chasing the pain, hells hollow, room without a view, time will tell, kiss of beltaine, do you want to live forever, hypocrite, it can't be me, soldier of fortune, the gift, bitter trials