Wildest Dreams

How good is Wildest Dreams on a scale of 1-10?

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A nice uptempo riff kicks off a solid verse. Nice guitar work backs up a decent pre-chorus and a so-so chorus. The production sounds muddier than Brave New World, and Bruce doesn't sound quite as on point as usual.

Another round of verse through chorus, then Adrian blows the doors off with an awesome solo. A nice softer bridge builds up effectively into the chorus again, this time with some more complex guitar noodling in the background. A quick guitar breakdown finishes things off.

Not sure why this song gets so much hate -- its main drawback is the "meh" chorus. A solid 7/10 for me.
This song works well as an opener, but as far as openers go, it's also one of Maiden's weakest ("Prowler" and "Satellite 15... The Final Frontier" being a slightly weaker). It's very fun but there's also not a lot to it - works on the album but not as well outside it. Above average overall. 6
I don't know if it's me... But this song sounds really poorly mixed. The whole album is pretty poorly mixed, but this song in particular. I listen to the DOTR version.
Yeah, this, "Paschendale", and "Journeyman" really sound like shite from a production standard. The 2015 remaster of this album clears things up a bit though.
Dance of Death never was mastered and The final frontier too because Steves fault. Never liked him the masters.
Wildest dreams has a catchy and good chorus and a nice solo and it's a great video too and a nice artwork. I think that the bad thing about the song is that it was played as a new song in the summer of Give me Ed til I'm Dead tour and the hype was going down.
But I'm still thinking that Wildest dreams is better than Different world, though both are bad openers to me.
And yet AMOLAD sounds better than either of them. Weird how things happen like that...
They were. It was AMOLAD that wasn't.
From the Kevin Shirley's Final frontier diary:
Friday May 7th, Oakland, CA
Well, it's almost two months later. I've completed the Black Country Communion album and am in midst of producing a new Journey album since we wrapped up the Iron Maiden album. I'm sitting in Oakland airport (I'm producing Journey album in San Francisco) - waiting for a one hour flight to Los Angeles where I'm going to play the folks from Universal Music the new Maiden album later today. We've had the album mastered three times, and have ultimately decided to go with my flat mixes over any of the mastering versions. I think the mastering place did a great job, but Steve, while liking these versions, feels that the integrity of the original mixes has been compromised somewhat and so it's coming out flat. No equalization, no compression, just as it was when Steve heard the MP3s of the mixes and just as it left my studio.

About Dance of Death, maybe was mastered but I remember read somewhere that the tapes were sent to George Marino to master them and he said that Paschendale keyboards and orchestration were wrong and Steve decided to reject the master the whole album.
I don't know if it's me or what but when while I was listening this song I noticed the Wildest Dreams solo is bad mixing because in the 2.28 min. the guitar enters late, out of tempo…Damn I noticed of that NOW. I don't know how many times I heard it.
This song is growing on me these days. Listened to the live version from Madison Square Garden 2010 the other day, and it rocks. I actually wouldn't mind hearing this on a future tour.

Ideal song for a opener and single. The song has a nice melodic riff, good verses and a great chorus. Very good solo from Adrian - the calm part after it is a good addition too. Fun energetic song. I always liked it. It will be great to see it live again. 9/10