Who would you cast to play Iron Maiden band members in a movie?

Niall Kielt

Pulled Her At The Bottle Top
[QUOTE="Black Wizard, post: 783444, member: 9839
Colin Farrel as Niall Kielt.[/QUOTE]
The likeness is uncanny but I think it would have to be Bradly Pitt so we all get to hear his amazing Northern Irish accent again.


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Were The following to be slightly the same age (imagine them on their early to late 40's) with wigs and I think it would work quite decently:

Steve: Billy Crudup
Adrian: John Cusak
Nicko: Woody Harrelson
Bruce: Harrison Ford
Dave: Michael Caine
Janick: Christopher Lloyd
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A different slant: Have Nicko play every band member, like Eddie Murphy in Nutty Professor.

I think that would be hilarious.