Who here saw Maiden first?


Ancient Mariner
Of everyone on this forum, who were the first to see IM? Is there anyone here who followed them as far back as the debut album or even earlier?

Were you lucky enough to see the band play The Cart and Horses or The Ruskin Arms? Or maybe on one of their early tours when they travelled on the Green Goddess. Maybe even the Soundhouse!

If so, tell us your memories and any interesting stories you have. Were the shows as wild as the books and documentaries tell?

Dick Brucinson

Smithdrian A
By far not that early, my first Maiden gig was December 8 1990 (made it up to 37 gigs yet). But I was lucky and witnessed the Ruskin Arms several times from the early 1990s on until its final close down. I tried to go in there for a few beers whenever I was in London, I really liked the place and the people and all the area down the East End there in Manor Park. In 1993 the people from the Ruskin Arms gave me a pint glass as a souvenier, and it lasted until 2019.


Educated Fool
Today marks the anniversary of my first maiden gig. 34 years ago a love story for the books begun.