Where do you order your IM shirts from?

Dick Brucinson

Smithdrian A
It'd be really nice if you folks could name some stores where you get your Maiden merch from.
I think the official Maiden merch got way too expensive over the years, and some non-official shirts I've seen so far do look really good as well.
There's one store e.g. I checked out, named Rockabilia, and I think they're US-based but they ship to Germany, so I might make my order there. Can anybody tell something about the quality of their shirts?
Any other store advice?
All help greatly appreciated. :)


Found in a lost world
I bought this one (20 € years ago, checked their site and it´s still the same price) in The Rocking Bull, a metal shop in Antwerp. Really nice fabric too. They have loads of cd´s, shirts and other merchandise. Don´t know if they deliver outside Belgium though but if you ever plan a visit to Belgium, it´s worth to check it out!
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