When Two Worlds Collide

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I think what Maverick wrote isnt correct

[!--quoteo--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--quotec--]Taken at face value, this song is about the collision of worlds, such as perhaps an asteroid or comet colliding with the earth. It is a concept that has enjoyed a fair amount of publicity recently, with the 1998 summer blockbusters Deep Impact and Armageddon drawing attention to the subject. Even though the lyrics could have been deeper, 'When Two Worlds Collide' is a good song with a good tune and some nice guitar riffs and solos.[/quote]

The lyrics say

"When two worlds collide, the anger, the pain..."

Maybe Maiden ment the "collision" as when for example the younger and the older generation had a "collision". Why? "the pain" could be translated as menthal pain not physicial and "the anger" confirms it... but i could be wrong here.... [img src=\"style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/biggrin.gif\" style=\"vertical-align:middle\" emoid=\":D\" border=\"0\" alt=\"biggrin.gif\" /]
'when Two Worlds Collide'

Well, the song refers to computer calculations, telescope observations, and the like. It makes sense that it would have to be about the sci-fi event. Having said that, everyone knows that any poetry/lyrics can be big ass metaphors, so it's entirely possible the entire song represents something deeper.
'when Two Worlds Collide'

The song is credited to Murray/Bayley/Harris, so who wrote the lyrics? Probably not Dave - he's a guitar guy. But both Blaze and Steve write lyrics, so it could be either one.

I don't think there's much room for a deeper interpretation myself. It's an interesting idea that can't be completely ruled out, but there isn't anything in those lyrics that strikes me as the slightest bit metaphorical.
'when Two Worlds Collide'

Keeping with the sci-fi theme and on what loosecannon says, "the anger" could be people ignoring the emminent danger and "the pain" well, i've never been struck by an asteriod or seen the aftermath of such an event first hand but I would like to imagine it to be quite painful. However, It could be any type of "collision" from Generation gap, to Culture clashes. Every time I try to talk to my uncle there is both anger and pain, age, culture and world view being our collisions lol.
'When Two Worlds Collide'

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'when Two Worlds Collide'

i've actually read a blaze interview where he says it's supposed to have a double meaning, and the second meaning is when people with different ideas / cultures clash...
'when Two Worlds Collide'

This second way to interpret the song doesn't come out very well. Perhaps they should have written the lyrics in a bit more ambiguous way.
'when Two Worlds Collide'

Even if Blaze said it, I doubt that the lyrics of this song have a second/deeper meaning. However, the song and what it tells is still very intriguing to me.

It starts out quietly, with an astronomer being puzzled by seeing a speck of light that is twice as large as usual... this part of the song really makes me think of a telescope pointed out into the night sky. The astronomer thinks something in the vein of "no way, that can't be... but it's all there... OH FUCK!" at which point the music explodes suggesting a sudden panic. The narrator has no idea what to do now, but then decides to warn the population, for what purpose ever, as there is nothing you can do.
Perhaps the anger suggests anger of the people that nothing can be done. We live in a world "where man has walked on the moon" and so forth, yet we can't protect ourselves against such a thing as an outer space collision.
It may be a provoking thought that the people are angry at the person who warns them, putting all the guilt on him (i.e. killing the messenger). This all reminds me pretty much of the "Seventh Son..." story.
The pain referred to is obvious.
The instrumental section makes me visualize the general panic that would break out once such news would be made public. The only glimpse of hope is that somebody will survive the impact.

Now, what I think is that the story the lyrics tell is obvious. It's about this collision, possibly about the end of the world and so forth. However, the story itself can be taken as a metaphor. It is a story about a sudden disaster nobody is prepared for and nobody can avoid. Such disasters, whether they are natural or man-made, happen all the time (the most recent one is "Katrina", obviously, which is basically a combination of man-made and natural disaster). In that vein, this story could very well be about a huge catastrophy such as a world war; in this sense, the nazi ideology could be the world colliding with ours. It is basically a tempelate which can be used on many, many events.
'when Two Worlds Collide'

First - you said that you doubt about other meaning, and in the end you said it is very possible - a bit of controversy....
Re: 'when Two Worlds Collide'

Time for some good old topic revival! And hey, when the double meaning in lyrics are fashionate, why don't I give it a playfull try?

My telescope looks out
Into the stars tonight
A little speck of light
Seems twice the size tonight
The calculations are so fine
Can it be growing all the time?

Now I can't belive it's true
And I don't know what to do
For the hundredth time
I check the declination

Now, let's assume it is about two cultures. One is rather primitive, when the other is well developed. The primitive one has, as many before them one prophecy. A God will return, (in shape of, well in shape of whatever) and when the 'God' does, they cannot belive it it true. The 'God' on the other hand, likes it, and keeps playing God. He makes a lot of changes, and it is there the phrase "When two worlds collide" fits in. He brings his culture into his new, and shapes it into something different. But, as the history shows, changes comes with a cost. pain, suffering and fear. Noone can escape these changes, but it does not mean people understand how massive the changes are, and they welcome it. When they finally understand, it is too late, and the two cultures are on a collisioncourse.

Now, in all seriousness, I do believe the song to be about a cultural crash, and not astronomy as it looks like when you first hear this song.

The song has a "The Angel And The Gambler" feel to it. Many people don't like it, but I do. The intro however, could have used some more melody (mainly in scales), but it offers a lot of melody later on, over the galloping bass.

What I like best about this song, is the "oooh ooh oohoo oooh" part, when the melody match the vocalmelodies. It gives it a lot more depth, and actually even more "sing along" feel to it.
Well, this song is not the best song Maiden have done with Blaze, nor is it the worst. I'll give it something between 3,5 and 4.

Re: 'when Two Worlds Collide'

I like this one. The best song from Virtual right after Como Estais Amigos and The Clansman. I like the guitars and the chorus of this song. But this could be something like two minutes shorter. After 4.35 there's just this stupid "wohoohooohoho ooo" and repetetive shit that spoils the song. 3/5, could have been 4/5 :p
Re: 'when Two Worlds Collide'

This song is pretty fucking metal. I always forget about this one, but it's cool it's like if Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Danzig had a really metal baby.
Re: 'when Two Worlds Collide'

I'm halfway done through the cd (I'm giving it another chance) and I must say this is a good song, much better than I thought when I heard it the first time. The solos are great. Blaze's voice fits these songs.

And to my surprise I'm enjoying it, musically it's simpler than their previous album but I'm finding it catchy. Songs i didn't like before (TAATG, LST) are much better this time around. Their repetitive but I'm enjoying them and I'm thinking this album isn't that bad after all.
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I can't help it. I know some people think this song is very simplistic; I think it rocks. An in-your-face slightly silly but just good tune. Blaze rocks it hard on ALAIG as well. One of my favourite tracks off the album. 9/10.
Re: Daily Song: When Two Worlds Collide

Two words: under-rated.

Chorus is one of Maiden's best. The ending is a bit fuzzy.

Re: Daily Song: When Two Worlds Collide

I like this song. Again an original choice of lyrics topic. However, it is quite simplistic - and the drumming is outright boring (although not as much as on the next number!). Nicko must have been on autopilot on this one. This makes 9s and 10s out of the question, but the song is catchy and enjoyable. An 8 feels about right (but closer to a 7 than a 9).
Re: Daily Song: When Two Worlds Collide

Great start, awesomne interludes, GREAT solos. It gets worse as the song progresses, but it doesn't take much away from it. I'll give it an 8 as well.

Wow, I seriously need to take a step back and rethink my opinion on the entire 90's era.
Re: Daily Song: When Two Worlds Collide

9. Another stunning moment in the album. Love the emotion that carries throughout the song, once again splendid job by Davey and Jan, the melody on the 'oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhh' and the one after that are one of my faves. The only think that keeps it from getting 10 is the horrible screaming last chorus, after that incredible melody.