What would you rather have amputated...

What would you rather lose?

  • both legs

    Votes: 12 100.0%
  • both arms

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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...both arms or both legs?

A couple of days ago, a bombing rocked one of the major universities here. Among the casualties was the friend of a friend and she ended up having both legs amputated.

It left me sad and shocked and wondering if there's anywhere safe in this world and how I'd feel if it happened to me or one of my loved ones.

You can treat it as a silly poll if you want. I was just wondering anyway.


Dr. Eddies Wingman

Brighter than thousand_suns
Legs. From a wheelchair you can still carry out many everyday tasks if you have your arms intact. Not much help in being able to walk if you can't do anything.

One's life would become much more difficult in either case, and most would not be able to do many of the things they enjoy. For myself, outdoor activities like mountain hiking or playing football would become impossible without legs. Still, I would value being able to make myself a sandwich or button my shirt without help - and I would value it higher than running.


Ancient Mariner
Guess I would go legs if I had a choice, could still drive a car and really do most activities I do now (in theory even  take "walks" on semi-smooth terrain in a wheel chair).  Plus advancements in artificial legs seems ahead of arms due to less complexity compared with what fingers do.


Infinite Dreamer
They're still INSANELY expensive. Theirs a guy at the gym I go to and he has prosthetic leg and we talked about that after I saw the runner/model on Colbert who is a supposed spokesperson for said individuals. I say "supposed," because according to this amputee she is actually disliked in the amputee community. In the interview she says how she has interview legs and running legs and going out dancing legs, etc. The guy said, "Well yeah, she's pretty and all those legs are given to her as endorsements, the rest of us are lucky if we have a pair much less two, because of how expensive they are."

That being said I would go for legs too.


Obviously neither but if I had to choose I'd say legs. At least I could still get around in a chair but without arms, just about everything is affected.