What are the biggest reunions in music that are yet to happen?

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Discussion in the Nightwish thread got me thinking. First ones that come to my mind:

KK - Judas Priest
Marty Friedman - Megadeth

Sooner the Hell will freeze... Mustaine has no chance.
Eh, if Kirk got run over by a truck you never know. But the topic wasn't "most plausible reunions", after all...
UFO - Schenker (another band, like Dio, f* up their career by dismissing guitarist)
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I started typing this response in the Nightwish thread, but it might be more appropriate here:
If Helloween can patch things up and tour with essentially three singers, so can Nightwish, it's just a matter of them being willing to talk it out.

No that's true for sure, I've long believed that really no reunion is impossible. I guess I'm thinking more from the perspectives of Tarja and Annette, I would not want to have anything to do with Nightwish or Tuomas when he has a reputation of being kinda degrading toward the vocalists.

Except KK coming back to Priest, of course :D
This is the impossible reunion for sure, but if Portnoy had continued to act the way he did around Dream Theater in the early years following his departure he wouldn't be invited back into the band. KK has shown no humility or responsibility in the situation while making a mockery of himself and the legacy of his old band with KK's Priest while the real Priest has done fine without him. If he wants to play in Priest again, he's going to need to follow Portnoy's lead and apologize to his old band members, stop slagging them in public, and stop trying to push an inferior product as an alternative version of Judas Priest.

A few other notable reunions that haven't happened:

- Before COVID there was talk of a Van Halen reunion that featured all three vocalists, Roth, Hagar, and Cherone (Nuno has confirmed this in an interview). The fact that this didn't come to fruition and that Van Halen kinda fizzled out in the last couple of decades is one of Rock's greatest tragedies.

- Fish and Marillion. I'm not really sure what the personal dynamics are between the two artists but I am actually really surprised that it has never happened, given both sides have been very active over the years.

- A Queensryche reunion with Tate would only be interesting if DeGarmo and Rockenfield were involved, and even then I would rather see DeGarmo and Rockenfield return without Tate. That said, I think this one is in a similar category as Dream Theater. Eventually Tate and the rest of Queensryche are going to make up with each other and try to retire the "classic" lineup. DeGarmo is on a Kevin Moore level where he's so far removed from the music business at this point that it's just not going to happen.

- Spock's Beard has had a couple one off reunions with Neal Morse, but now that Spock's is basically defunct it would be great to see a full-on reunion, again retiring the classic lineup.

- Please no Iron Maiden reunions, this lineup is their best lineup and they shouldn't mess with a winning formula.

- Genesis with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett. Seems like it came close to happening a couple of times but never did, probably actually impossible now due to Phil Collins' health.