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Discussion in 'Solo/Side Project Discussion' started by Magnus, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Magnus

    Magnus Ancient Mariner

    Cheers, been following this for a couple of years but just registered.
    Check the freshly released album by V1, "Armageddon: End of the Beginning", featuring Dennis Willcock and Terry Wapram. As I'm sure you know V1's original 1978 demo was released on CD in 2015.
  2. Magnus

    Magnus Ancient Mariner

    A coupla things I should probably have mentioned yesterday: So far, I've only listened to two and a half songs from the album, Don't Cause a Scene, V1, and most of Ready For Action on Youtube, plus the excerpts of the rest of the tracks on Google Play, iTunes etc. (for those of you familiar with the 1978 demo, there's a great guitar solo added in the new version of Runner). And I'm not affiliated in any way to the band, the label, or any of the sites from which the album can be downloaded.
  3. Magnus

    Magnus Ancient Mariner

    Listened to the entire album several times now and I think it's very, very good indeed.

    There's a recent interview with V1 at powerofmetal.dk
  4. Magnus

    Magnus Ancient Mariner

    One more addition to this monologue. The album is seriously good in my opinion. Streamed on Spotify (even though link from band's site doesn't seem to work properly). Den's voice is so youthful, you could never guess his actual age. Terry Wapram's guitars are amazing. 'Newbies' on bass and drums are doing work they can be proud of. One track features original bass player Charlie Borg (the only person, as far as I know, to have played live bass for Iron Maiden apart from Steve Harris).
  5. Magnus

    Magnus Ancient Mariner

    Well, your loss
  6. GhostofCain

    GhostofCain Ancient Mariner

  7. Magnus

    Magnus Ancient Mariner

    Well I think it's quite an improvement compared to the GV1 version from two years ago actually.

    He sounds a lot better on the album though, eg.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this anyway!
  8. Niall Kielt

    Niall Kielt Pulled Her At The Bottle Top

    Whats this about then?
    Haven't listened to the V1 stuff yet, will do it shortly
  9. Magnus

    Magnus Ancient Mariner

    As far as I know, and I'm almost certain it's from the Maiden77 FB page although I can't find the link right now, Charlie Borg filled in for Steve Harris for one or two gigs when Steve was abroad in early 1978.
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  10. Magnus

    Magnus Ancient Mariner

    Out of curiosity, has anyone given it a listen?

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