Tournament of Instrumentals (introduction + 1 vs 2 + 3 vs 4 (round 1))

Vote for your FAVOURITE instrumental song: 1 vote per battle

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Introduction (lengthy but please read and play before voting):

Welcome to the Tournament of Instrumentals, the battle to determine the most popular instrumental track.
It will be done in World Cup style, with head-to-head battles. Winners advance to the next round.

Goals of the game
Of course the idea is to see which song will become the number one but I also hope that this will be a nice way to share music with each other. Perhaps we'll discover some new artists that we'll appreciate. :)
In that regard, basically every song is a winner as soon as it's posted. ;)

How will the battles look like / how to vote?
There will be famous songs by huge names. There will be tracks of bands you've never heard of. You'll hear stuff that ranges from demo material to multi platinum records. There will be calm acoustic pieces, there will be aggressive ultra-hard metal. There will be lengthy tracks, there will be short ones. How to deal with all this?

What I would find the most ideal situation is that when these tracks come on the battleground, they begin a completely new life, stripped from name, fame and what else. What remains is just two pieces of music and you, the listener.

Of course it is impossible to do that for 100%. There's always some bias, some preference towards a certain genre or artist. But you never know in advance what kind of melody or groove could grab you.

I'll try to make the songs as anonymous as I can, until you're starting to play them. I hope you'll play every track, even if you know them very well, and even if you think a track could suck because of its title or band name. The thing is, when you play them in another context, against another one, even if it's an unknown opponent, the outcome could be different. So I hope you'll play the tracks before voting. Even if you see a track that you brought in yourself, please also play its opponent, before you vote. I esteem that this is the only way to give all the tracks (both known and unknown) a chance to advance (and to be heard!).

Length of rounds
I'll do 2 matches per thread, new thread every couple of days (2-4 days). I'll let every battle open for a week.

I got the advice that there's no need to get locked in to a pattern, I'll keep an eye on how it goes and will try to adjust accordingly.

I am very busy in the upcoming months. I play in two bands, have 5 gigs coming up, will host a Maidenfans meet, go to Maiden and two or more other bands, so please bear with me if things go a bit slow. ;)

Playlist: a list of all the tracks created by Night Prowler
Background of the game, which includes the selection of the tracks, plus individual links to each track.
If you discover a problem with one of the links, or in the playlist, please give a call.

Before we start, I want to thank all people who suggested tracks. I also want to thank people who helped me behind the scenes and who gave me some advices (Night Prowler, Mckindog and Mosh).
And of course I thank everybody in advance for playing! Here goes:

1 vs 2


3 vs 4

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Ancient Mariner
Hey! Voted too early (you haven't heard these songs in the context of these battles). :nonono: :dancinggeek: :p
But this time I forgive you since you have heard these songs a few times already. ;)


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1 and 4.

Listened to all of them; 3 was really cool even though I still prefer its opponent.


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1 & 4.

I had never heard 1, and was pleasantly surprised (even though that rhythm guitar at the beginning sounds a little out of time). 3 doesn't stand a chance against 4, nor should it.

I know the reasons, but can we actually refer to the artists/tracks here (when discussing) rather than the numbers?
:okok: It's gonna get real boring, real quick if we just keep posting numbers.

On the other hand, just listing numbers would be like contributing to an instrumental version of the forum...


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2 and 4.

The first pair was really hard because I didn't really like either. Number 1's idea is cool but it sounds underdeveloped to me and got boring half-way through. Number 2 is a much better musical piece, but not really my kind of thing. No hesitation in choosing Dream Theater over Beastie Boys, however.


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One is pretty solid, but two is beautiful and gets my vote.
Three has a very cool '70s groove (quite surprised I like something from that band).
But four has much more going on, and is easily my pick.


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Necronomicon has a pretty nice idea. Cool melodies and just a good short track. Fluff is too simplistic and for a simple idea to work, the melody would have to be extraordinarily beautiful which it isn't.